SWPP International Glamour and Beauty Photographer of the Year

M.Photog I-AIPP [Double Master of  Australian Institute of Professional Photographers]

AIPP NSW Creative Photographer of the Year

AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year

SWPP International Bridal Portraiture Photographer of the Year


SWPP International Wedding Traditional Photographer of the Year

AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year Runner-up

AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year Runner-up

One of my very favorite female photographers in the world! I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful lady this past summer.

Jill Sanders

Had an amazing experience with David and Kira. They are both so warm, funny and outgoing and make you feel super comfortable! Kira knows exactly how to take the best photo and gives really great instructions on how to pose to look your best. End result was gorgeous - best photos anyone has ever taken of me.

Maria Simkin

Kira is simply AMAZING. I had the privilege of being behind the scenes and seeing how it really works. Kira and David are not only a great team while the client is there but the tiresome hours that go in after the shoot is unbelievable and all to deliver those perfect images for their client. They are Funny, compassionate and really know their stuff! They make you feel so comfortable. The best part is they really do deliver the goods!

Tina Niszczot

Kira is the most talented, photographer I have ever had the fortune to meet. Her vision far extends her lense. She is able to look deep inside a persons soul and capture the very essence of their being. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Daniella Vicchi

Working alongside Kira and David has been not only extremely enjoyable but a great lesson in the level of care and commitment they show to each and every client. The way that Kira directs her photoshoots is fun and she gets the best results, with stunning outcomes again and again. Beautiful work!

Catherine Hadaj