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Hi. I am Kira.
I was born in Moscow in 1966, and lived there until 1994 when I moved to Australia and have lived here ever since.

Like your wedding, my photography is all about passion, emotion magic and commitment. “Photography has become my life and my retreat. I laugh and cry. I feel sadness and joy. I play and sing in my photographs.”

I started my own business as a Wedding Photographer in 2002.

For me – it is all about the Magic, The Magic of your day, the Magic of emotions of people around you, Magic of your anticipation, hopes, Magic of you looking amazing, looking your best and glowing. Magic of two people in love. And – Magic of the light that will be touching you and your loved ones surrounding you.

I get so excited by what I see and feel on those days and that is what I hope you will see in your images.

On the day – I am there to see all of that, record it and also to help you feel great, comfortable and relaxed. The day should be fun. I will always ask you if you want me, when I see the opportunity of the great light/location happening, to let you know so we can take advantage of that. I will always help and encourage you if you want to be playful, dramatic, mysterious or simply elegant.

There are also times when the best outcome and Magic will be achieved by simply observing what is happening and photographing the events from the best possible angles and in the best light that can be achieved at that location.

I also find that for you to achieve the best look; the appreciating of your day, without worrying about little details and timings – one of the most crucially important things is to do a bit of planning and preparation. I try to help my brides with that – the best way is an interview when we go through a myriad little details of your day together, having fun and planning.

There are so many little things that, unless one is involved in the wedding industry oneself, you wouldn’t be aware of.

When my brides come to me – they are almost never aware of the things that take time to achieve a particular look and feel, what to take into the consideration in order to have sufficient time to achieve particular shots, to be at specific places at the right time, how to organise different numbers/types of people to cooperate/participate, without losing the light and happy mood; what to look for when you are trying your dress on, when you having your hair and make-up trials done and a lot more little things that, organised in advance; will make your day run flawlessly.

There are simple ways to achieve it without stress. You will see how easily the right planning will help with that.
I always work with an assistant/my partner/second photographer to ensure that all photo shoots run smoothly and the best results are achieved. No additional fee is charged.