You had your wedding and now you are looking at your images.
Disbelieve? Shock?

You are asking yourself – Why? What happened? That is not what I was expecting, not what I was shown and promised. You remembering all the reasons that made you go with that photographer/friend/relative… feeling regrets – you didn’t do enough research, you didn’t believe your guts telling you – Cheap or Free is not necessarily a good thing when we are talking about wedding images – your memories to last you a lifetime. You are disappointed and bitter.

You are thinking – it is too late now, nothing can be done, there is no hope to have my fairy-tale images… but what if it is not true? What if there is a Hope?

“Magic Touch” is a process of making an ordinary/bad/simple/plain image into “Extraordinary” or “Much improved” by applying different techniques – from a simple retouching to a more complicated post-production.

image supplied by a client
Before applying tm “Magic Touch”

Same image after applying tm “Magic Touch”

Another variation of the same image with tm “Magic Touch” 

Please have a look here at the samples and testimonials and contact us for help.

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