I am so excited about this product {So much so that I have been nagging my husband constantly about buying me one for our wedding photos} I can see he is begining to crack and I will have one on my wall in no time. For me, the beauty of this gorgeous product is I dont have to choose my single favourite images and place around my home, knowing I can’t choose just one, then going ahead and ordering 10 framed prints, I run the risk of my visitors thinking, “wow, love yourself much” because all they see is a shrine of our wedding day.  

Style, Luxury come together in this exclusive piece of art available to Art Photography by Kira clients.
 The Monroe Collections
make a statement in your home. They are unique and interesting.
Monroe is not about hanging a picture on your wall 
It’s about creating a dynamic art feature in your home.
 Take a journey with The Monroe Collection.

Available in two sizes

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