I think there must be a million different ways to tell your loved ones that you are there for them, that you remember – that you care.

Unfortunately, in our busy life we often find ourselves saying “I must, must call my parents”; “I really should visit grandpa”. Then life gets in the way … a week maybe a month passes and again we are saying “I must, must call my parents”; “I really should visit grandpa”. Life gets in the way. There’s not enough time. We are too – busy.

A year ago, I travelled to Europe to visit with my family. They are all living over there and I miss them terribly. Of course – my camera travelled with me. I can’t help it! As I spent some precious time with them all, I captured some beautiful moments – memories of all of the generations together – I wanted us all to have these precious moments recorded.

Guess what..

A year has passed and I had not started touching those photos, sorting them, resizing them so I can send them to my family. My family are all waiting patiently, hoping they might see them. Hoping it won’t be too late. Life, of course, has gotten in the way. There’s not been enough time. I’ve been too – busy.

We make time for work, we make time for bills. Imagine if we made just a little bit of real time for the people we cared about – a few hours – spending an afternoon together. So they can have their grandchildren on their lap, holding them. How about a picnic together? Driving them to a local park close by or just simply visiting with them for a couple of hours … making an effort.

Events have happened recently that have really made me realise this. Today I made some time. I have started on the photos of my family this morning and I will send them to my family this week. I promise you that. You can check if I keep my word – I’ll post a few photos maybe sometime in a couple of weeks.

Imagine how your grandparents might feel if, at Christmas time you could present them with a beautiful portrait of your whole family together, where they are laughing and hugging their kids and grandkids…I know how much it will mean to my family. How much would it mean to yours?

We all need to make sure we do that. Not only for them, but maybe even more importantly – for us so we do have those precious memories of our parents and grandparents, reminding us of what is important in life.
I feel very strongly about this. So strongly that if you would like to have some photos taken with us to give to your family for Christmas, I would like to offer a special price to all of you.
For sittings scheduled for the 15th October to the 15th November, for $75.00 we can
– do a pre shoot styling session to discuss what you’ll wear and the style of photos you’d like taken as well as where you might like to have the photos displayed in your home (in person or over the phone)
– do the shoot at the killara studio grounds
– have a viewing session of the images
– give you a free desk sized mounted print
– and 20% off any additional products.
Please don’t postpone capturing these moments any longer, don’t let it be too late. If not with us – do it with your local photographer, or a photographer you’ve always wanted to go to.
Make the time. Don’t let your busy life get in the way again.
All my love,

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