Due to a huge demand – I am publishing my recipe of a Kira/Russian Salad. Images of the most crucial ingredients will follow ( for mayo and for pickles)

 “Ok, here we go. Proportions of mayonnaise; pickles; salt; pepper; type of chicken or meat (if any) may vary, depending on my mood; time of day; availability of particular product; who is coming (I would consider if people are used to eat adventurously, age, eating habits and general health issues), if I like those guests – :), if I want them to come back or if it is my “ex-mother-in-law” :). Well – you get the drift :)”

1. To boil: potatoes (6-10), carrots (2-4) until soft. When cooled down – should be peeled and cut as per traditional potato salad, only finer.
2. 6-8 hard boiled eggs or up to your taste
3. finely chop onions (4-6) Can be any sort of onions, depending on the sort you like.
4. Shallots – optional. I prefer to have them. When I do – amount of onions can be decreased or eliminated completely.
5. Apple or two – optional. Introduced by me. I like to have them.
Chicken. Can be breast fillets – grilled (the healthiest option and preferred one by me at the moment – ); baked; fried; cooked at home or bought already made at the shop. No skin please. Unless you really, REALLY don’t like your guests. Or boiled beef. Or Berlina (like a Devon, only better). Or increase amount of boiled eggs. Cut or sliced (whatever is more appropriate to say in English – ). Or forget the meat and put … tuna out of a can…Proportions vary … as stated previously
6. Pickles – I prefer “Eskal Dill Pickles”, but it can vary, depending on your taste – chopped. Half or whole can or more…., depending …..as stated previously
7. Sometime I put fresh cucumbers. Take it or leave it. It depends… as you already know…..hahahaha
8. Can of green pears
9. Whole Egg Mayonnaise – definitely, – definitely amount of that Magic product will make it or break it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add it carefully and taste, taste, taste while adding!!!!!!!!!!! Again – please, PLEASE, PLEASE remember WHO IS COMING to your party – DO YOU WNAT THEM TO COME BACK?!?!?!
10. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything… oh well – Oh well – dementia might be taking its course already

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