For me, my photography is all about passion, emotion, magic and commitment. Photography has become my life and my retreat. I laugh and cry. I feel sadness and joy. I play and sing in my photographs.  For me, it is not just about shooting a wedding and then applying a little post production at the end – it is about the journey of telling the emotion of your story – from the very moment I compose an image in my mind……the artwork begins.

I often get asked about my “Magic Touch”.  This, for me, is my chance to bring the captured images to life. To become an artist!

In recent times, I have found it particularly rewarding when I have had the opportunity to help someone to create the artworks they dreamed of.  When unfortunately the relative they relied on, “Uncle Bob”,  to deliver the photography for their wedding or special occasion, unfortunately was not able to create the images that they had been hoping for. 

Even, sometimes, when you are starting with a great photograph in its own right, we are able to work with it further to breathe a little “magic” into it and create the masterpiece you dreamed of!
I have a few examples here of the amazing difference a little ‘Magic Touch’ can bring to your precious memories on your special day.

                When this….                                     Can become this…                

                 (the original)

An image can be created to become a centrepiece for your album..
                 (The original)                                                          Kira’s Magic Touch
                            (The Original)                                                         Kira’s Magic Touch

A beautiful original photograph can be used to create the image of your dreams with a little Magic Touch!
If you would like to find out more about Art Photo By Kira’s “Magic Touch” please contact the studio on 02 94997778 or drop us an enquiry with details of your needs through our website Contact Us
 Until next time,

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