So, I come to work every morning early to have breakky at work. On my first day David asked me if I wanted cereal, toast or “Green Goop”
Not wanting to be a bother I said “what ever Kira is having” you know in your first couple of weeks your all nice and kind ect….. giving them time before you show your horns 🙂
David looks at me and asks me if I’m sure, I watch him start to gather vege’s and put them into the blender and say “ummmmmm, yeah I might pass”
What ever is in here must be good for her, How else is she such an amazing photographer?
But Oh My Gosh
Is smells like lawn mower clippings!
I watch my boss eat this Green Goop every single morning.
I just wanted to share what breakfast here at Art Photography by Kira looks like
Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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