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What is your dream shoot?

What is your dream shoot? What is your dream photo shoot? If you close your eyes and start fantasising – what do you see? Do you see a Princess? A Seductress? Hollywood  Movie Star? A fairy? Are you galloping on a beautiful horse in a magnificent gown? Or the place you stopped to dream is…

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Just for a smile

Just for a smile Good morning all. From Sydney Australia 🙂 Just thought I will share a smile with you and show what I am up to this lovely morning.   This is me preparing for running a Webinar. Isn’t this what TV newsreaders do? 😉 Btw – my first Webinar for our Creative Photography…

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Magical, Vintage, Art Portrait Photography

Magical, vintage, art portrait photography Myura wanted to have a portrait photography done where we would have a mix of glamour photography, fashion photography and a bit of Art fantasy creative photography. Myura is a very talented young Indian clothes designer so we needed to photograph her portfolio as well. She did her own makeup…

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