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Vintage Boudoir

Vintage feel boudoir photography I was always inspired by Monica Bellucci and amazing black and white photography of her. There is something about black and white photography that makes it feel timeless… The story-telling aspect of it, the the lack of business, perfect focus on what is important for a viewer to look at.  

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Discover sensual you

Discover sensual you portrait and boudoir photography Discover sensual you – what does it actually mean for portrait and boudoir photography? Sensuality is such a scary word for so many. But it shouldn’t be. It is the way you know and keep discovering yourself: they way you laugh, the way cry, the way you hold…

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Grace and Beauty

Boudoir Glamour session with beautiful lady D The celebration of beauty, womanhood. It is exciting, it is uplifting and empowering.  I believe that every woman deserves that experience… in the unique way that fits her personality, her grace, her “mood”. Magnificent lady D – loved shooting this beautiful woman. Here are a couple of teasers…

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