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Going to Italy and UK

Portrait and boudoir photography coming to Europe A week from today we are starting our big trip. Excited? You bet! Scared? A tiny little bit LOL First stop – Milan, then straight to Como for 12 days. Then – flying to England. Have you thought about having your boudoir photography or portrait photography or glamour…

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High Key boudoir photography

High Key boudoir photography Very popular with my clients right now – high key boudoir photography. Or, to put it simply, for non-photographers as well –  shooting in strong back light. Creates beautiful, romantic feel and look. Light and breezy. 

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Back-lit portrait photography

Back-lit portrait photography One of the commonly known rules in basic photography is to avoid shooting against the sun or into the light. As if you do not know what you are doing – you will likely end up with either completely over exposed photographs or underexpose subjects and ugly shadows. If you are inexperienced…

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