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Art portrait photography

Art portrait photography She is a Vision. Elegant and glorious. Create a beautiful art portrait for yourself. Put it on the wall. Let it remind you how unique, how beautiful YOU are. Find the best portrait photographer for you and book your portrait photography session. If you love what I do – call me and…

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Creative portrait photography workshop

Creative portrait photography workshop Photography workshop. Teaching students from Castle Hill RSL Photography Club how to style, compose, pose, direct, light, shoot and edit a fantasy art portrait. Creating extra-ordinary fantasy portraits out of ordinary things. Using easy-to-find materials that you can find in the house or online – the only limiting thing is your imagination…

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Art portrait photography. Maternity

Art portrait photography. Maternity We are waiting little one. So much love… So much light… Maternity portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring or cliche. Make sure you record those special, fleeting moments you will treasure forever, no matter what happens in your life. 

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