“Kira – Its really not every day that you come across someone as special as yourself.professional portrait photographer  Thankyou so much for the beautiful photos – you’ve given us everything we could have hoped for and gone well beyond even that. There are a few that invite you to wonder about their story, and others that simply take ur breath away . Thankyou Thankyou with love Erica and Erin

“I recently had the remarkable opportunity of working alongside Kira at a recent wedding shoot. I just wanted to say WOW! It was such an incredibly eye-opening experience and one that I learned soooo much from – not the least of which – how amazing you are at what you do!

It was a privilege to watch you work.

I now certainly understand the ridiculous pace at which you are required to work – it was so easy to get wrapped up in the speed of things – watching you handle yourself, the environment, the couple and the guests, was both enlightening and impressive.

The amount that I gained from seeing how you work to have the bride and groom interact with the camera, how you coordinate and structure your compositions, how you move around the environment and work with the people and conditions around you – it was amazing.

I really look forward to being able to see how your images come out and connecting what I observed to the finished product.

Kira, thanks so much again – you are an inspiration”

– Erin



wedding and portrait photographers in sydney


“How to describe this amazing talent who made the memory from our most amazing day unforgetable!

Josh and I were blown away by Kira’s potography skills when we attented our close friends wedding, and we immediately booked her in for ours.It was the easiest decision in planning our wedding and we recommend her to others without question. Josh and I are so happy with our album and look forward to showing our children.Thankyou so much Kira, and David for great memories xx”

– Olivia Graham


“I have to say I have viewed alot of photographers work, from the past and recently over the last couple of years (other than photography, this is somewhat of a favourite pastime) Your work far surpasses any photographer world wide!

Honestly, your an inspiration and so very talented.

An artist, can paint any picture, with a story that only the artist knows himself, leaving others to forever ponder the meaning or story behind it.` An Artist Of True Greatness`, creates a storytelling masterpiece, where everyone viewing that image, feels every emotion displayed, that has been captured within that moment of time on a canvas, screen, or print. You are an Artist of True Greatness!

If I am ever in Australia, or you ever make it over to Canada, I will drag my husband down the isle again, we can put the sobbing down to him being over joyed! lol

Have a great wedding season!

Warmest Regards


– Nicola [Calgary, Canada]


“Kira is not just a photographer, she is an artist. glamour photography in sydney

Kira captured every timeless memory; the ones that I will remember forever and all of the little ones that passed me by on the day.

Kira & David, there is a place in my heart for you both, thank you so much! Not just for making our wedding more special with your attendance or for the magick that lights every single photo but mostley for all of your support before, during and after the day.

Between Matts illness and the passing of my grandfather, ours was not a smooth process and was hard to picture everything coming together. But you both helped in every way that you could to make our wedding day the most amazing and memorable ocassion of our lives! … and we havn’t even seen the album yet! Haha

Love always, Kirstin oxoxox”




family portrait photographers

“When we were looking for our wedding photographer we had a few picked out, but once we came across Kira’s images it was an easy decision! Her artwork stood out from other wedding photos because they are pieces of art that capture all the emotions that we felt on the day.

Jerry and I were so impressed the passion and effort that she puts into every photograph that we decided to share the same experience with our friends by giving them the same package we had as their wedding gift.

Thank you Kira and David for the amazing effort and magic put into our wedding photographs! We couldn’t be happier to have these moments with us for a lifetime. Will definately be coming back in the future for family photos!”

– Judy






professional fashion photographers

“I was at a friends house catching up after her wedding and she showed us her wedding album. It was the most beautiful, artistic wedding album I had ever seen. You had to look at every page and every photo right to the last page.

Later we when got engaged and started organising our wedding, I knew I had to have the same photographer – it was Art Photography by Kira. It was the first thing I booked right after we chose the date!

Kira and David were so professional and on the wedding day they were part of the party. My husband-to-be really dislikes being in photos but after chatting and hanging out with Kira and David, he posing and having so much fun that we didn’t want to day to end!….

The photo’s – what can I say – were absolutely stunning, all my memories saved in every picture. Words cannot describe how much I love the pictures and the everlasting moments caught on camera. I have had so many comments about the photos from family, friends and even strangers. I would not hesitate to recommend Kira and David for any photography needed at any event, they definately make the party come alive!”

– Katherine








boudoir photographers in sydney “Kira’s photos of our wedding surpassed our expectations and has created unique and timeless memories for us. Kira has captured every beautiful moment of our wedding with style and elegance. x”

– Chris




Sydney Portrait Photography


“To have one amazing photo is ART, to have an amazing album is TALENT!!!
Kira you are a master at work when you are behind the lens. You capture a moment in time and help create a story to be shared for many generations to come!!! With all our gratitude Jenny and Roberto xxx”




Sydney Wedding Photography

“Kira is the most talented photographer that I have ever seen. Her images are both romantic and exciting at the same time. She captures the soul of the moment and adds a ‘X’ factor that only a true artist can. Her participation in our daughter’s wedding will provide a lifelong reminder of such a special day. Thank you Kira.”

– Robyn Shaw






glamour photography in sydney“Kira – what a pleasure!!! what can i say your work with photos is unbeliveable, you made me look like a princess as well as my husband looking like a prince, your talent of art within each photo was spectacular…Is was a lavishing day and I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for making our day very special with all the great photos you took we were so amazed to see how they looked just beautiful, I cant wait to see the completed album so excited….THANK YOU KIRA and DAVID Love Sue and Paul





Hi David & Kira

…..   Also before I go….. I just wanted to let you know that I’m in awe of the photos, the quality of the images,award winning wedding photographers in sydney the colours you just seemed to capture, the love in our faces … and not just Richards and mine but the bridesmaids and then the other guests….. you see for us they … all of the guests are our family and you just seemed to capture the essence of them as well.

I feel blessed to have had a photographer that just managed to understand that it’s about the people, their expressions, showing their joy and the tears, you seemed to capture allot of these…I just want to say thank you for the most amazing photos of my wedding, you really made us all look so beautiful even without the magic touch…. and… I can’t get over how beautiful those that had your magic touch really are.

I also want to really acknowledge your professionalism throughout the whole process, from the moment you arrived your focus was on getting the best photos and for that again thankyou…

– Adette”






wedding and portrait photographers in sydney “Kira, you were an integral part of the magic that happened on our wedding day. We are eternally grateful for the beautiful photographic memories you have left us with. We were blessed to have crossed paths with you. You are truly gifted and the world is a better place with you in it. All our love to you and David. We wish you a lifetime of happiness xxxxx”

– Daniella and Matthew








“What can I say these are the best photos I have ever seen you have brought tears to my eyes they are SO great I can’t wait now for the wedding I will give you the biggest hug when I see you YOU ARE THE MOST TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER I HAVE EVER MET thanks again

– from Brigette and Tony



I love it so much. You are so talented at what you do, it is truly amazing. I’m so excited about seeing all of them.

– Debs xox




Elle xoxoxo




– Jody and Neale


“Hi Kira,  It was so great to meet you yesterday. We were so thankful for your knowledge that you have given us on many aspects…you have been the best help by far.Jose and I are very excited about the wedding and having you as a  photographer. No doubt that we have the best. Lots of love

– Danielle”



[Pre-wedding shoot]

Thank you so much for the photos, they have turned out beautifully, I had high expectations since I’ve seen some of your other clients galleries and your work is flawless, but you’ve exceeded my expectations, thank you! Thank you again for your hard work and for making the day so much fun, we look forward to the big day now and am very confident of what we will see.

Kindest regards

– Sindy



[Wedding shoot]

Dear Kira and David,
Thank you so much for the wedding photos, there are really no words to describe just how happy we are both with them, and how much you were able to capture of the day. You were able to articulate so many moments with your photos, it really reminded us of just what we were feeling at the moment that the picture was taken. You have done an amazing job, and we now have the enormous job of choosing which of our favourite pictures go into the album….I think it will be all of them! You helped make our day so pleasurable, and we enjoyed every moment from the minute you arrived at the house,
until right at the end of the night. Our families have loved every picture, and my Mum kept saying “wow, that is a lovely picture” and then repeated herself throughout the entire album at every picture taken ……an absolute pleasure to work with, and will always be highly recommended by us.

Kind regards

– Sindy and Wisam



Hi Kira and David,
What can I say… WOW! The photos are just absolutely beautiful!! Both myself and Dallas and our families are just thrilled with them, you’ve done an amazing job! The impossible part now is choosing which ones we like and will get printed off… hmmm… the cost of 633 prints…hmmm… They really are special, perfect photos that will be treasured by all of us for many years to come. We also wanted to write to you both to thank you so much for sharing our day with us! Your sense of humour and relaxed approach meant that we were relaxed and felt like we were hanging out with old friends not
someone we had met that day for the first time! We have commented and had it said to us also that you really helped so much to make our day as wonderful as it was and we were just so pleased to have chosen you as our photographer (and this was even before we saw how wonderful the photos were!).

Anyway, we’ll get back to you shortly about which photos we want to choose. So again thank you!

– Bernadette and Dallas



Hi Kira/David,
Just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for the lovely photos…Damir really loved them as well… you really are a remarkable photographer! And those last few photos that you took of me only, I think they are the best photos of me I ever had! Thank you! Talk to you closer to the wedding..

– Marina



WOW!!!! We absolutely LOVE the album. It is so much better than how I ever pictured it. You did such a fantastic job and we are so happy! Looking forward to sharing the album with all our family and friends! Thankyou once again, and we will definitely keep in touch! Kind regards

– Jennifer



“We would like to thank Kira & David from Art Photography by Kira. We had a lot of fun with them and Kira is a truly talented & award winning photographer with a great eye for composition. It was great to find someone who is so gifted and has a great sense of humour & humility – we highly recommend her.”

moudanie studios cinematic wedding films



Absolutely outstanding photos!!! You have exceeded our expectations by far. Without a doubt we will be recommending you for future weddings. We couldn’t be happier with the photos and we look forward to the process of choosing our favourites for the album.

– Emma



Wow and double wow!!! They are absolutely beautiful….i will definately[sic] be recommending you to future brides.

– Belinda



I absolutely love the pictures! I can’t believe we can look so good! I can’t decide which ones my favourites are.. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

– Jenny


Hi Kira,
Levi and I are back from our honeymoon and we just wanted to thank you and David again for a wonderful job you did on our wedding day. We received so many compliments from people about you that it was simply beautiful and hopefully when my sisters get married they will go with you as well! Again thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you.

– Lillian and Levi



Louise & Peter here, We love love love ALL of the photo’s !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

– Louise and Peter


Hi Kira,
How are you?? Thank you very much for taking such beautiful photos of us (specially of me!!!) on our wedding day. Thanks again, Kira.

– Anh



I just wanted to send you a quick thank you email for everything you did for us on our wedding day. We got back from our “short” honeymoon on Saturday. I didn’t even really get to say goodbye at the end there – it was all so rushed and exciting!!! Please also pass on our thanks to David – you both work so well together and made life so less stressful on the day. Thanks again I hope to hear from you soon.

– Bec



Hi Kira,
Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease, especially with all your direction which was greatly appreciated. We were delighted with the photos we saw and can’t wait to see all of them. Thanks again and warm regards,

– Rose and John



Just a quick note to say a HUGE thanX…KIRA For your amazing presence and involvement in our wedding. Thank you ever so much forbeing part of our night!! Extra thanks for all the bull you put up with on the night! U r the best! We couldn’t have done it Without u!!

– Kasey and Travis




– Olivia



Hi Kira,
Amie & I absolutely love the photos!!! We love every variation you have done! Thanks you so much we’re incredibly excited about the photos!

– Amie & Joe



Hi Kira,

Thank you for doing such a great and thorough job at our Ceremony. We really appreciate that you stayed on for the dance. The photos are terrific as always and it was hard to choose the ones for the album. Warm regards,

– Rose



Thank you so much, they are beautiful…..Your work is fantastic….. you really know how to capture the moments….We look forward to the wedding day photo’s.

– Linda and Asanka



“Thank you so much, our photos are absolutely beautiful, they capture the emotion of whole day and take us back there. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to remember such a special day.”

– Diane & Glenn


Here is another compliment from one of my friends:-” O h m y g o d!! hose photos are awesome! She did such a great job!! I don’t blame you for wanting them all! ”

– Craig Fowler




The weather on the day of our wedding was horrible. It was blowing a gale and was freezing. My husband and I were so worried about how the photos would come out. But Kira somehow, against all the odds, (including only having about 20 minutes to take our formal photos in because we were losing light) produced the most amazing photos. And not just one or two, almost every photo was fantastic. We were over the moon. The formal photos were not the only thing we were impressed with. I had not realised on the day how much Kira was capturing. When we saw the photos it was like watching a re-run of the wedding, which was fantastic. Yet at the same time, we do not recall Kira following us around or intruding on our day. She did it all so discreetly and let us enjoy ourselves. It shows in the photos, they are a lot more relaxed and natural, which is what I wanted. I cannot express enough how pleased we are. We could not have hoped for anything more. Thank you Kira.

– Kristie and Kim Trudgett


Michelle wrote: “Thank you so much Kira and David!! You made some absolutely amazing and beautiful memories for us – words can’t express our thanks xxx ”



The amount of joy that your photos have brought not only to myself but my entire family. You are such a talented photographer, but your not just a photographer you have something more- a magic inside of you that shines through in the pictures you take. I love all of the pictures of Bridget and somehow you’ve captured her innocence and her spirit in every single one!None of them are posed and just watching you working with her seemed to be so natural and without much effort your magic just happened. It’s hard to express in words how much i truely appreciate what you have given me. As a mother i’m usually behind the lense, but having these photos will someday show Bridget the simple and happy times we shared during her childhood an it means the world to me.
Thank you so very much for everything you have done by capturing these moments that will last a lifetime.
Love Jazmyn.”


“Awww Kira. This has warmed my heart, and I’m in tears. Thankyou so much for capturing these moments of bridge and I. I have so much love and respect for you. It’s made my day!! X”

– Jaz

“Wholly molly this is gorgeous! Wish I knew how to do this. Your work is definitely stunning. :)”

– Manuela




“I sooo love it Kira…..another profile picture! You’re a gem…such great talent. Thank you so much!!!!!best glamour photographer in sydney xoxoxo”

– Daphne







“Kira Likhterova this is just amazing!!!!! Everything you touch turns to gold!! ♥”

– Michelle



“We didn’t know you captured all of this! I am sooo happy! Your work is brilliant.”


“Oh wow Kira this is amazing! What an amazing surprise a week before our anniversary. We are so lucky and relieved we found you for our wedding. You made it so much more special!”

– Judy



“Argh! A very excited little squeal from me there! That was just breathtakingly beautiful! Wow I loved that. What a beautiful way to showcase their amazing love story! Wow. Kira. Wow.”

– Sammy



“Kira this is such a remarkable image. I don’t even recognise myself (and that is testament to the amazing artist that you are and the characters you created on that day). Amazing work Kira!”

– Erin



“It’s magic Kira! A rather sexy novel I would love to read, maybe an art house film premiering at Cannes? All that time and efforts and brilliant brilliant skill and creativity and im sure a few crazy dreams. I’m stoked we got to play props in ur lil masterpiece. Love to you more than words can say. x ”

– Erica


“you see the perfect beauty, to capture life as art!!”

– Niki

“Not sure what you do, but whatever it is you do it very, very well…:)”

– Charmaine

“Wow Kira that is absolutely stunning I just LOVE this…..Cant wait for you to shoot us when I have a baby belly!”

– Erin

“Kira, these series of  moments were the highlights of the entire day. I love that this memory is forever captured in your magic and that everyone  loves this photo as much as I do!”

– Kirstin

“ohhhh WOW, im trying to find a word that explains how this picture looks & feels to me…..HEAVENLY!!!!”

– Rebecca

“Anyone who can take photos like you has to be beautiful inside and out Kira, I see you xx”

– Yvonne

“Kira, I know you’ve been told this many times before but you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! <3”

 – Jazmyn

“I can only wish to be able to capture something so stunning!   Thank you for sharing it.   Hugs M xxx”

“Kira, you deserve these awards. In fact the awards ought to be honoured to belong to you, because your art surpasses them and all things material.
We’re proud to be your friends, to see and value your creations before a jury recognises them.”

– Sveta and Alex

“Dear Kira, my brother & sister-in-law wanted everything perfect on their wedding day and they got YOU ( & David ) to capture every special moment. Every photo is a work of art. You deserve this amazing award.”

– Linda