I was very much looking forward to this family portrait shoot, as I already knew some of the people, having photographed the ‘kids’ engagement and their wedding was happening soon. I thought it would be good – I had no idea how great it would turn out to be; how much it would move me – this family shoot.

All the family gathered around their Dad/Granddad, and I was watching them, finger on the shutter, forgetting to breathe sometimes; laughing, following their laughter; playing with them…laughing so hard that we all nearly cried.

And then again…. watching….watching… a bit envious somehow… but also feeling privileged to be a witness to the simple ‘greatness’ of this beautiful family…

Watching a son’s hands on his sister’s shoulders, holding her tight, so much love…watching kids faces lit up looking at their parents, laughing – so much love… and like a centrepiece – Granddad – his laughter going through the whole shoot, connecting everything together, making sense of it all.

Not to miss a moment of laughter… not a moment of tenderness…



Until next time,

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