Old Masters-like portrait photography

Have you ever dreamt of having your portrait done in the style of Old Masters?

Portrait photography has fundamentally changed the way art is created and perceived in the modern day. It is now possible for a photograph to look so painting-like in colour and lighting and charm a viewer the same way as the painting would.

How it is possible to produce the effect and feel of a painting using a camera?

It’s the lighting, colour, composition, proper posing, mood and expressions of the subject that make photographs look like paintings. And then the treatment in Photoshop to finish the portrait off.

“When all the parts come together – it creates the atmosphere of the old masters works.

It is very important to think of the outfit, backgrounds, colour choices, the pose and the right expression.

And, of course, the light which is the key. Shadows are as important as highlights.

old masters portrait photography

portrait photography old masters

portrait photography old masters

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