I’m often asked “where do i get my inspiration from?” The answer of course is simple – “from you”
When Judy and Jerry arrived at the studio for their engagement shoot, the sun was streaming through the trees and as the light fell on Judy – I was inspired!
She looked magical – a woodland fairy – like Titania out of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I’m so glad that she was brave enough to climb that tree for me – the results are amazing! And Jerry (her Oberon) – well he loves her that’s for sure. As sure as night follows day.  I’ll let him speak for himself:

              I am marrying this woman!!! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not 
             dreaming. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she is super intelligent, passionate and most
             of all she is affectionate. I am the luckiest guy alive.

What’s not to be inspired by that?

Wait till you see their wedding!
Until next time,

Click here to see the full shoot.

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