Compilation of Weddings by Kira

Samples of varying types of Weddings.


Wedding Fusion by Kira

Featuring: Judy Wolsztyniak, Sammy O’Keeffe & Jerry Wolsztyniak

Wedding Fusion
It’s true. An image can capture a thousand words. But what about the voices before that moment, words offered up from the heart, a whispered “I love you” between one picture and the next?

Can you hear the laughter, the music, the gasp when he saw her?

I clicked the shutter. She’d reached over to touch his cheek – and we had caught that moment as her hand lay gently on his skin. If only I could show you the way she moved to get to him – the love in every movement..the look in her eyes..

Now we can. I am extremely excited to be launching a brand new product for Art Photo by Kira. Fusion.
It’s the story of your very special day. The magic of images captured and the in between sounds and movement masterfully combined to help you remember more. If you’d like further information, please contact us in the studio.


Behind the Scenes Workshop By Kira

Featuring: Kathryn, Jolly, Jo Mugford, Felicity Biasi, Jenny Thompson, Peter Karp,
Warren Eather, Sammy O’Keeffe, David Knight, Daniel Capobianco & Bernie Eather.


Wedding album – Adette and Richard

Wedding album


Wedding album – Farzana and Shaib

Wedding album


Wedding album – Niluja and Umeshan

Wedding album


Portraits by Kira

Compilation of Portraits by Kira

Samples of varying types of Portraits


Little Snippets from a Day of a Mother & Daughters Lives.

Featuring: Jazmyn Harris, Janelle Lawrence & Jason Hill


Behind the Scenes Discover Sensual You

A typical Discover Sensual You experience


Discover Sensual You – Little Black Book of Love

Your experience as an Album for that special person. Or just for you!


Behind the Scenes Discover Sensual You – Tips

Hair styling tips to create a Boudior look


Discover Sensual You Fusion By Kira

Why not have your ‘Discover Sensual You’ experience as a movie?

Crafted just for you, a merge of video & your artistic images blended into a one-of-a-kind exploration of you. Beautiful, unique, tasteful artistic expression of you. A memory for you and those close to you.



Discover Sensual You – Lady J

The wonderful Lady “J”