Images from this studio, with Magic Touch

I am asked many times:

- What is it?

- Is it really important  to have our images with “Magic Touch”?

- Isn’t it just simple colour correction and deleting pimples technique that any lab can do in post-production?

For me – there is much more to it.

It is a continuity of the process that starts with an ability to see the final image as light falls on someone’s face. An expression of sadness or joy that touches you; seeing love in someone’s touch. Then Photoshop becomes just a tool to deliver the final result.
So, in short, - it is Vision. It is Art.

Can you do without “Magic Touch” ? Of course you can.  Images are good enough straight out of the camera when taken with knowledge and skill.

But would you want to? That is up to you to judge.

Kira xxx

Gallery of images taken by this studio, with Magic Touch applied:

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Images from another studio, with Magic Touch

You've had your wedding and now you are looking at your images.

Disbelief? Shock?

You are asking yourself - Why? What happened? That is not what I was expecting, not what I was shown and promised.

You're remembering all the reasons that made you go with that photographer/friend/relative...

Feeling regret:

 - You didn’t do enough research, you didn’t believe your gut telling you not to do it;

 - Cheap or Free is not necessarily a good thing when we are talking about wedding images;

 - Your memories last you a lifetime. But you are disappointed and bitter for a lifetime, too

You are thinking – it is too late now, nothing can be done, there is no hope to have my fairy-tale images...

but what if it is not true? What if there is Hope?

“Magic Touch” is a process of making an ordinary/bad/simple/plain image into “Extraordinary” or “Much improved” by applying different techniques – from a simple retouching to a more complicated post-production.

Gallery of images taken by other studios, with Magic Touch applied by Kira:

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"As a little girl, I loved to look at my mother’s spectacular wedding album, which looked like a dream.

professional fashion photographers

She looked like princess Diana with the style of her hair, and she wore a lovely white slim fitting gown, which was pleated around the train.  I always imagined of how one day when I found the man of my dreams, I would like to have a gorgeous wedding album, which our children will look at and perhaps feel the same way I did about my mothers album.

My husband and I were married in 2009. That was the first time I had sought out the services of a professional photographer, so I thought it would be best to do some research. I looked at numerous websites, to find someone in our local area.

I came by a website and arranged a meeting with a photographer who had displayed some impressive images & they were a member of W.I.P.M and an A.B.I.A finalist. They seemed interested and nice enough to be our choice for our special day. At that stage there was no negative feedback online about the photographer we had selected.

On the day, the photographer and their assistant who were in a relationship together arrived on time and looked the part. However after the formalities of the ceremony, and the time came for some portrait shots, it was obvious that the two of them were quarrelling and getting annoyed with each other.  My husband and I were not given much indication on how to pose, and we were no longer relaxed about having our photos taken. It was basically “stand here”, “hold your dress there”… and that was all.  It had become a chore to smile, and this was reflected in a good portion of our photos.

A month after our wedding, we were due to book in for our viewing of the photos.  The day came, and we were all set to begin the drive over to the photographer’s studio. 15mins before our scheduled time, they called to say that they were having a computer issue so they would call us to arrange another time after it was back up and running. Well, weeks and months went by, and still no word back. I phoned and left messages and emailed also. No response. I was devastated and scared that I would end up with no photos whatsoever of our wedding day.

This led me to contact Fair-trading, who helped me to get a response of some kind from the photographer. I was mailed a disc of the images that I had purchased according to the contract. “At last!”  At least 6 months later, I got to see my wedding photos and had them in my hands. The case that it came in looked ordinary, and a bit like the dog had chewed it… but I had the golden ticket in my hands. I was also supposed to receive a complimentary trash the dress shoot, which was also included in the contract, but as you can imagine I certainly would not be purchasing any photos resulting from the shoot. Who knew if I would see them after I had paid for them…?  The photographer was un-contactable anyhow.

Now I was left with a disc of photo’s that were lacking in quality, and just didn’t sing to me when I looked at them.  I was bitterly disappointed as I thought I had done the right thing in researching the photographer first. There were now complaints from a number of people online who had been through the same thing with this photographer. I thought that I would just have to live with the images I had. The dream was unattainable. I stored the disc away in the back of my cupboard where it gathered dust for quite some time.  I had virtually given up hope.

In June last year 2010, I decided to search for someone that could perhaps design a wedding album for me using my photos I obtained on disc. I then stumbled across Kira’s website, as if by fate, and saw some of her artwork using ‘magic touch’. I thought to myself  “Oh my goodness, these pictures are absolutely amazing! Maybe my dream could be within reach after all”! I didn’t think it would be possible that my images, at the standard of quality they were at, could be improved much at all. I contacted the studio, and conversed with Kira’s lovely assistant & husband David, and also the beautiful, talented Kira herself.  I sent in the disc, and Kira has now magically created me the most precious fairy-tale wedding album I could have possibly dreamed of.  Looking at the before and afters, side-by-side each other are wonderous. It is so breathtaking I could cry.

Kira has a heart of gold, and is a trustworthy and down to earth, all-round lovely lady. The whole process with her has been an absolute pleasure. I hope to one day be photographed by her personally. She has a gift to turn simple images into pictures that you cannot pry your eyes away from, because they are just so magical. I will be forever thankful and in awe of her creations of art.

Thank you again dear Kira. Are you sure you are not an angel from heaven??!"

- Patricia Lang