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✦ The Basics

The majority of our portraits are created in a studio, but can be also created in places that are of special beauty or special significance to our clients. What places sound the most exciting and wonderful to you? Your home, your garden, your vacation home, your favourite vacation destination? Anywhere in the world or any place your imagination carries you is a possibility.

We invite you to learn more about how a Kira Portrait can be a priceless heirloom and a striking part of your family narrative. It is an investment that will pay dividends beyond your lifetime and will inform future generations of the heritage on which they stand. We will be happy to discuss what your vision is and how we can help make that a reality.

✦ The First Step – Let’s Talk

In a simple phone conversation, we answer your questions about the Kira Experience and ask about your hopes and dreams and your vision for your portraits. You learn about us – we learn about you.
Every portrait is a distinct expression, and each couple’s and each family’s situation is unique to them. For that reason we take the time to understand and appreciate the stories and needs of our clients. We invest in you, just as you invest in us.
It all starts with a conversation. We look forward to having one with you. LETS GET STARTED (link to contact us form)

✦ Portrait Consultation

You will be invited to Kira's studio where you can get to know each other. This will give you the opportunity to express your personality, preferences, concerns and those special qualities that make you and your loved ones unique.
The intimate setting is cozy and informal. It is the perfect atmosphere for envisioning what could be and how to make that dream a reality; to look at the Portraits displayed at your own pace and consider the possibilities for your own. Our collaborative efforts at this essential get-together will help us develop an artistic direction based on what kind of portraits you prefer, what locations or settings might help tell your story, and how and where your portraits will be displayed when they are finished. We discuss clothing, locations, timing, unique challenges and any concerns you might have related to the portraits or the experience. You are welcome to our extensive wardrobe for creating particular looks you are after.

✦ Booking your Session

If you decide that Kira is the artist for you - we will book the session for you of your chosen date/time with only the Reservation Fee to hold the time-slot. That Fee will be completely refunded once your Portrait session starts.

✦ Portrait Session

Regardless of where it takes place, your portrait session will be a relaxing and enjoyable time. Kira is known for putting people at ease, making sure everybody is comfortable and in good spirits. 
Having portraits made is going to be fun. Imagine you and your loved ones away from all your responsibilities, free to be yourselves, enjoying creating memories with each other. It becomes a time to experience each other, to reconnect, to remember. Kira will skilfully guide you in the most flattering and elegant poses so you don't need to worry about how to pose in front of camera. 

✦ Portrait and Frame Selection

The selection appointment is a magical time for you and your spouse. It is when you will experience the thrill of seeing and selecting from a collection of beautiful first-edition originals.
In our gallery, your images are presented first as a slide show set to music and then individually for selection. You will see the images to scale in the settings where they will appear in your homes so that together we can determine what looks best in each space.
With Kira's assistance and guidance you will select portraits that will stand the test of time and frames that will complete your precious art. We will discuss enhancements and modifications that will perfect your already beautiful portraits and in the end create pieces of portrait art that will beautify your homes and enrich your lives for decades. That is why All of the decision-makers should be present at this appointment.