Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Sensual You

It’s not every day you engage a professional portrait studio to capture your portrait.

For this reason it is important to prepare for your session with Kira.

The Full Experience will take approximately 3-4 hours. We begin with hair styling and makeup, during this time we will discuss the approach to your images and the look and feel of your shoot.

How do we need to prepare for our shoot?

Here are some Photography Beauty tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water a few days before for your skin to glow.
  2. Wash your hair the night before and leave it product-free on the day.
  3. Please try to not wear a bra under your clothes on the day of your shoot to avoid leaving traces on your shoulders.
  4. If you are allergic to any makeup please advise us at your first consultation. In this case – it is a good idea to bring some of your own make-up with you on the day of the shoot.
  5. Arrive at our studio without applying your makeup or tinted moisturiser.
Photography Clothing Tips

We have a very big range of clothes, lingerie, wigs, jewellery and shoes for you to have a lot of different looks.

You are still welcome to bring your favourite lingerie, shoes and jewellery, hair accessories, scarves, hats, especially if it is gift from somebody special or a surprise.

You can bring your own outfits or use our studio props and costumes. We can give you some links and help with advise if you want to create/buy a particular style yourself.

It is recommended to take your glam/high heel shoes with you in case we don’t have the colour needed in your size. Also, just in case, bring your favourite bras. Black, white, red and nude are always good. It is important you feel comfortable and love the clothes you wear for the shoot.

A variety of outfits will give you variety in your images. From casual, to glamorous we love to photograph lingerie, flowing dresses and anything pretty!

Fitted clothing works well to show the shape and contour of your body.

Jeans and singlets work well for a classic look.

It is a good idea to browse through the images on our website/facebook and see if there are some particular looks you would like to try. Please advise us in advance if you want a particular look (for example: Marie-Antoinette era, Fantasy, Pin-up, Burlesque, Vintage, Old Hollywood,  etc.. )

Do you do couples boudior?

Absolutely we do. See some examples on our website and Facebook.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

We have access to the best professional hair and makeup artists who will come to our studio for you. Their fee is $150 [as at October 2018, subject to change]

You may choose a session that doesn’t include those services if you feel more comfortable doing your own. Of course you will generally get better images if your hair and makeup is done professionally so it is certainly worth considering doing so. It is up to you.

My partner/husband/girlfriend would prefer to have some nude or more revealing photos in his/her gift. We want to do an intimate/sensual, revealing couple photography. Do you do this as well?

Yes we do. On our main website/Facebook we want to display sensual, tasteful and more suggestive rather than too revealing images. We respect the privacy of our clients and their trust in us. Some of our clients will want to do something a little more revealing in  their session and this is done with the upmost in style, discretion and presentation. There are a few examples though where clients gave us their permission to post some, and you will find those on this site.

Why choose Kira for your Sensual photography?

You will only have one photographer for Discover Sensual You Experience - Kira.

This is a huge benefit for our clients being able to relax and relate to Kira.

Kira understands that you might have all sorts of self-esteem, confidence or vanity issues & will do her utmost to make you relax; look your best and definitely have fun during your session. In fact – we can guarantee -   you will look absolutely stunning and will have a great time! Kira will chat with you to discuss what you like and are comfortable with, what emotions, feelings, characteristics would you like to portray, how do you want to feel in your images and what do you want to say with your images.

It is a girl’s day or a couple’s day out where you will be pampered, played music to, have a Glamour Make-up and Hair done to fit the image you want to portray, try on amazing clothes, lingerie, costumes, amazing props that we have.

If you are recently married – what a gorgeous gift to your husband!

If you think – you are married for far too long and your husband only sees you in a dressing gown – what a great way to spark the passion again! :).

If you just broke up with your boyfriend – there is nothing better than to show him what he has lost – but even more important - prove to yourself how gorgeous you are!

This day will give you a boost of confidence, hopes and playfulness that were always simmering inside you, just being hidden from some people, possibly even you. 🙂

Kira will patiently guide you through the session, showing you exactly how to pose to achieve that special look and feel, which angles work best for you and also helping to create some beautiful and interesting expressions.

Here are just a few testimonials from our beautiful clients after their DSYOU Experience:

"Thank you so much Kira- I may have been a little afraid to reveal my body after 4 children but you are so amazingly talented that I don't know what I was worried about! Not to mention that I felt so comfortable around you which really helped:)- you are one amazing lady. Love you xx"

"Aren't you just the most talented lady in the whole entire world!!! I love it! I'm gob-smacked at how amazing your images are!!!! I knew the set up looked great but the final image is better than I could have imagined!! Feel free to upload to Fb just maybe don't tag us yet:)

Sending love your way. Xxx"

"Oh my, you made us look so pretty! I loved every minute of this shoot with you! You made me feel so comfortable and drew out of me a confidence I never knew I had! What a way to make a girl feel special! Love to you Kira xxxx"

"We got home early last night and I fell into bed exhausted from a wonderful time and time spent with you in your studio! I'm so happy I got to meet you, you are an amazingly beautiful soul! I've learnt so much from spending time with you and I will perhaps need to implement some of my (extra) learning on hubby dear..;) Look forward to do it again some time. Lots of love"

"Thank you Kira for showing Samantha how beautiful she is. It took a lot of guts for her to do this, she really must have felt comfortable with you taking such a personal photo of her and it will be a memory forever of her 25th birthday. Thank you so much. Love from the STOWERS'ssss'"

" I cannot stop staring at the magic you did for me today. I always knew you were a master but From the bottom of my heart , Thankyou xox "

"Kira, these images are amazing. It's elegant, sophisticated, sexy and just a little bit cheeky - just like you!"


What should we wear and bring to our portrait session?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for clothing:

For your Fine Art Diamond Portraits:

Dress as if you are dining at a fine restaurant.

Black on black always looks classic and timeless.

Dark colours tend to make you look slimmer.

Short sleeves are fine, but long sleeves are more flattering for most.

If you plan on darker colours, black, royal blue, burgundy, or hunter green are optimal choices.

Women can wear a scarf for a splash of colour.

Men should bring black socks if you do not have dark shoes.

Everything should be laid out and ready the night before the session to save on stress and time.

Plan on arriving a little early, and change at the studio if you are bringing young children or wearing formal clothing.

Men always look great in tuxedos or dark suits.

If you plan on wearing a tie, be sure to bring a jacket as it photographs much better.

However, if you choose not to wear a tie, a dark jacket with an open neck shirt or turtleneck is a great choice.

Women can wear formal gowns or dresses - we recommend dresses that fall below the knee – or long pants, which are more flattering than shorts.

Avoid busy patterns, stripes, mixing dark and light colours, and clothing with words, logos or pictures.

When you select an outfit for a family portrait, be sure to think of how it will coordinate with other family members.

Even if your favourite colour is green, it will not photograph well next to your daughter’s favourite pink dress or your son’s blue and white sweater!

A better way to go is to pick a colour scheme, and keep it consistent through each family member’s outfit.

We recommend choosing classic clothing that will remain timeless in your photographs.

Pearls and diamonds look especially beautiful painted in your Diamond Portraits.

For casual feel outdoor Portraits:

Smart casual can work well if you want relaxed, natural look, especially for outside.

Plain clothing without logos works well.

Classical is the best.

Avoid heavily patterned clothing, dots and stripes as this can date.

For outdoor portraits it is recommended to avoid black, brown and green if the shoot is in the garden.

There are some exceptions though: such as black can work well if it is a man’s singlet or muscle shirt. Green can be pretty if the background is other than green.

Wear colours that complement each other.

Bring a range of clothing for each family member so we can help you chose the best look.

Neutral colours and denim work well.

It is a good idea to bring something red or yellow for at least one child to create a point of interest in your photograph.

Red or yellow hat, gloves, scarf, dress, shoes can be a good idea to take with you.

With small children/ babies bring an extra set of clothes.

Bring warm clothing for children just in case.

Bring along a favourite toy or two (but keep it hidden).

Bring a towel in case they get wet. In summer we can use a pool, hose or pond.


For younger girls: longer dresses so knees are covered, pastels and floral designs.

Ask us for about our props or links to some suppliers for pretty things.

For boys: blue, denims work well

For men: Jeans, cargo pants work well.

Suit pants will work if you are after a formal, business or dress-up look.

"Country Road" style looks really great.

Bring a handkerchief with you to wipe the sweat, especially in summer.

For women: pastels and floral designs, jeans, long floaty skirts, scarves, materials look great.

If you don’t want to display your arms in the images– consider sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, scarves.

Foundation/primer applied is a good idea. Please apply your make-up before arriving.

Layered clothing looks good, especially during cooler period.

My children won’t sit still, will not smile, will not cooperate etc

We encourage you to relax and NOT “prepare” your children for the shoot, by asking them to "smile for a photographer", "behave", "be quiet", "sit still or else"!

If you do, “the photographer” becomes a person in their mind that will force them to do things they don’t want.

A photo-session becomes a chore.

That can only result in a stiff, tense poses, fake smiles and an absolute opposite from what we want to achieve. And that is natural, full of emotions, playful and naturally behaving children.

It is ok for your children to be shy and unsettled at first, it is ok for teenagers to be grumpy and not wanting to be there.

Once they get used to new surroundings – they will relax, start exploring and have fun with us before you know it.

And, please, remember, that even your kids tantrums, when recorded at the right moment, can be those magical moments.

Just let us do what we do best.

We love kids here and love playing with them and “calling their bluff”.
look (for examples: Marie-Antoinette era, Fantasy, Pin-up, Burlesque, Vintage, Old Hollywood,  etc.. )

What time of day is best for my portrait shoot?

If your session is outside - we suggest that the best time for portrait shoots is in the afternoon or early morning when the light is softer.
If it is in the studio - we will try to work on the time that is more convenient to you.

Can we include our pets in our family portraits?

Pets can be such a big part of our lives. Including your pets in your portraits is a great idea. We suggest bringing treats and leads for easy management on the shoot.

Why choose Art Photography by Kira?

Our focus is capturing your family's style, whilst guiding you through your portrait session and make you feel at ease.

We are renowned for beautiful, artistic, full of emotion and Magic moments photography.

We are international leaders in portrait photography with the ability to create fresh, unique and exciting imagery for your home.

Use our range of sets and backgrounds in the studio to create almost any look and feel you want.

Choose from an array of products designed to suit your home including; individual custom framed prints, Fine Art Painterly Diamond Portraits, canvases and handmade albums.

We believe that all our clients deserve the very best value and service available.

We provide both a highly personalised and tailored service to meet your individual needs, tastes and expectations, ensuring your treasured images will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Capturing your portraits, true to life, is our mission.

When should I book my pregnancy portraits?

We believe the best time for a pregnancy portrait session is usually around 34-37 weeks into the pregnancy. As babies tend to run on their own timeline, it's probably best not to leave it much later.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We are always delighted whenever a new client tells us that a friend referred them to our studio.

When a client who you have referred to us books & pays for a session we will credit your account in the amount of $100 to use towards your own products/session or gift.

Can I order individual digital images?

You can receive a web-sized digital file for online purposes with every wall-mountable product purchase you make.

How long is the photo-session?

Studio sessions usually last between 30-90 minutes.

During that time we will capture a variety of candid, stylish, emotional and beautiful moments in a variety of poses and lighting combinations.

Your session will only finish once we have captured the most beautiful photos, that's our promise to you every time.

What happens if I need to cancel/rebook?

We do understand that things happen in life – people get sick, get delayed with work commitments.

We ask you to keep in mind that your photo-session time was reserved for you/your family.

The studio space and gardens are booked for you.

Sometimes all the parents are worried about that a child got a bruise, a scar or scratches right before the session.

Be assured that with our Magic Touch you won’t even know that those were there.

If it is something serious -  please try to contact us as soon as you know so we can work out the best option for you.

What is our investment and when do we make a payment?

We have found that due to the unique quality of images presented, on average families invest around $3000-6000 for their wall portraits.

There are some that spend a lot less than this and some that spend more.

You will make your own choices in choosing the best options and sizes for your home and your family.

All our prices include our Magic Touch to fine tune your Portraits.

Payment is due at Your Premier viewing/ordering appointment by either cash, cheque or credit card.

We do have a monthly payment plan available if you need to use it for bigger orders.

It is by direct debit so please bring along your account details, ie BSB and account number. That way we can get your order under way without any delays.

Appointments are available during business hours and on some weeknights.

Time-slots on weekend are almost never available for purchasing appointments.

Please remember that we stay outside working hours to be there for your appointment especially and appreciate you making an effort to keep those appointments and not be late.

If you need to make a change to your appointment – please give us as much notice as possible, just remember that the next time-slot might not be available soon.

It then takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the end of your viewing for your finished portraits to be ready for collection.

Can we print our own Images?

In general - this is not a good idea.

Naturally, we offer a wide range of products and services for our discerning clients.

Many hours of work go into each individual finished image; and we control the production process end-to-end to ensure quality.

Unfortunately, some people believe the discount merchants offering print-only services produce identical quality.

They do not.

Also the prices they charge are for mass-produced, machine made, produced to the lowest-common-denominator article. The exact opposite of what we are producing here.

Their pricing only reflects the physical cost of the automated manufacturing process and does not take into account any of the many hours or days creative effort & operating costs of a modern studio.

In all, we do not recommend clients print their own images, and often we find they actually do not want to. They simply want to either view them on a computer, email them or post onto websites like Facebook etc.

That is entirely different and has no value, since the quality of the image required to do that is tiny.

If required, our clients can obtain a copy of any image they buy from us in a resolution or size appropriate for use in those digital realms; free.

In fact, we will even post the image onto your Facebook page for you!