Posing women.

Is knowing how to pose/direct your clients so important?

We have so many portrait photographers who are scared or shy away from properly posing their clients.

Then we have photographers who only photograph models who are confident and actually know how to pose and hold themselves;  who know what angles suit and where the light is.

But what about us, normal, everyday people with a beauty, often even hidden from ourselves, as our insecurity and doubts often prevail us from seeing it?

There are so many of us, waiting for our Beauty, for our Light to be discovered. Who is going to take care of us?

The most gratifying job for me is help these women discovering how unbelievable beautiful they are. Glamour shots, beauty shots, simple portraits, boudoir photography – doesn’t matter – it is all about discovering the inner Beauty, Inner Strength  of a person.

This was the glamour photography session for an amazing woman, a very talented fashion designer Tatiana from Tatiana Light 

“Before” shot taken by another photographer at the fashion show where Tatiana is photographed with the model, wearing her design;

then the candid “Behind the scenes” shot I took right at the end of our photo-shoot

and the last image is the “properly posed and directed image”, taken at our studio.

before shot taken at the fashion show

“Before” shot taken at the fashion show by another photographer


candid behind the scene shot

Candid “behind the scene” shot


glamour photography

Glamour photography image taken at our studio

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