North Island, August 2013

Having twelve days of bliss, away from the studio, moseying around the North Island of New Zealand.

We’ve been very fortunate to have the chance to take this break.

What a beautiful country! Everywhere you turn, sights amaze you.

Just when you think there couldn’t be something more beautiful than what you’ve just seen; something else pops up.

Steam vents, volcanoes, glow worms, geysers, white lions – just to give a small taste of what we’ve experienced.

Today, I found my muse – a local girl from Taupo. Just so happens, she wants to be model and leapt at the chance for me to photograph her.

I probably shall blog more about this mystery girl; and can’t wait to show what we created together; but for now, here is a brief, uncut, unedited video of behind the scenes to tease you about what is coming! Can you imagine what I will do with these images?

Tell me what you think may happen, and lets see who comes closest.

[button link=”″ color=”aqua” window=”yes”]Click to view – Behind the Scenes Movie[/button]


on location, Taupo NZ.


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