Glamour and portrait photography. Mother and daughter photo shoot.

Mother and Daughter family portrait photo shoot in Mackay.


Another absolutely beautiful Mother and Daughter photo shoot in Mackay.

I am a very lucky girl, meeting so many amazing souls.


Love between these two could melt your heart.

And no amount of mosquitoes could stop us from taking these portraits in a lovely area of Mackay – Melaleuca forest


Enjoy your teasers my lovely girls. Love. Kira

Mother and daughter family portrait shoot

Mother and daughter family portrait shoot

Mother and daughter portrait shoot

Mother and daughter family portrait shoot


  1. Cornelia Vikan on March 1, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Dear Kira, love your photos, they are absolutely beautiful. And what an interesting thing to explore. The special relation between mother and daughter (although I guess we are mostly inclined to portray the good sides of it, knowing that such a relation can be complex and difficult too, but that’s for a different photographic project). I think we need both, but most of all to be reminded of the foundational bond and love there is. In this spesific example, I think both photos are striking, yet I
    hold the colour portrait as my favourite. It speaks directly to me, and inspires me. Thank you, and all the best!

    • Kira Likhterova on March 1, 2013 at 11:25 pm

      Dear Cornelia, I know exactly what you mean and wish that I could record all phases of such relationships and as a personal project I did a few and want to do more, but I think that is mostly what is going to be in those cases – a personal project or a photo-journalism. I am sure that imaginary would be very powerful. Thank you for your warm words. Hope to see you here again

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