Marie Antoinette inspired Period Family shoot

It is quite elaborate, but extremely satisfying when I get to shoot Period Style for families.

It’s a lot involved – picking up the theme, choosing the costumes, colours, hair that would suit the theme and everybody and, of course, entertaining, keeping busy, but not too tired, kids so they play their crucial role at the right time.

And, of course, you need to be able to convince them to wear something different from what your sister or mother or brother will be wearing. LOL

A lot of psychology involved, I must tell you. 🙂

You will see the first portrait is what we were aiming for. The second one, the little girls, was done later, outside, when we could all relax and just start playing.

Marie Antoinette Rokoko inspired family portrait

Period Rokoko inspired family portrait

kids photography

3 generations family photography


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