Dear friends and fans!

I can’t believe that tomorrow we will be on a plane to our Holiday destination – for the whole 3 weeks! Holiday for me and David – first time in 7 years!
And… I have never been in States before…Valentines’ day in San-Francisco – YAY!, Then Las Vegas! Yee-Haw!
Of cause – all emails and facebook messages will be checked regularly, but it can be a bit of a delay in our reply.
Thanking all my great clients…ops – friends Jfor their patience as they are waiting for their visit to our studio upon our return for viewing their gorgeous images.
Believe me, after such a long-due Holiday – I will come back even more energetic and excited to work on our beautiful creations!


But before we go…

A retrospect of the last part of 2011 when “Discover Sensual YOU” was born.
All my photographic life, from landscapes in 2001 to a wedding photography in 2003-2004 till now – Never, ever was I as happy, not only as a photographer, but also a human being, to be doing what I am doing right now. And, mostly, it is due to a ‘Discover sensual YOU” line that we created in AUGUST 2011
As much as I love weddings (really, what is not to love? You can be a portrait, event, landscape, photo-journalist photographer – all in one. A wedding planner and a psychologist, a friend and a confidant…)
-what I started to see sooo clearly- a wedding will happen With or Without you; bride and groom will be happy with or without you, they will have the best day of their life with or without you.

 Yes, it is true, their images might not be the same or maybe not as good as they could have been and that is very important to have those very special memories recorded with Love and Passion. But still – their wedding will happen and they will have a great day even if I am not there.

On the other hand – In “Discover Sensual YOU”- I feel that we make a huge difference in people’s life. A real difference. Inside and out. Based on our burning desire to prove to each and every woman that she is beautiful, that she has this special Light and Confidence that touches everyone around her in that special, magical way; to show, what was hiding for so long, but was always, always there.
Every time I see the result of our day spent together – I feel deliriously happy and enormously satisfied with my place in life, the meaning, if you wish, of my life. Selfish? Oh, yeh, very. Is it all about me feeling good? Quite possible J I am a very selfish person in that regard.
I am overwhelmed with the results, with the respond we have received over the last few months from our gorgeous women and couples.
I feel truly, truly blessed.
I want to say ‘Thank you” to all the ladies and a few men J that came to us in the last few months to have a “Discover Sensual YOU” session, and all of you that are planning to come in near future.
Here are your beautiful faces – well, most of them as a few will remain private. All my love. Kira
Erica and Erin
Jo and Alan
lady J
Charmaine and Kirralee
Lady Victoria


Sarah and Ricky
Lady Sandy
Lady Simone
Lady Tina

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