During my Discover Sensual You session with Michele, I took only one, but a very different image of her, image that I saw when I first met Michele; image that I had to take.

That was an image of a beautiful, but very scared of this big world little girl, image of a magnificent wild animal, reminding me of a gazelle, that was put by cruel people in a cage. Gazelle in a cage, trying to survive, trying to break free.

“If I only could,”  I thought, “If I only could, with these limited tools that I have – my camera and my heart, that was crying for that little girl to show her; to show her how Magnificent she is, how Free she can be, how Powerful this knowledge would make her… If I only could…”

I can only try. But I will try…And I will try again and again Michele. All my love.


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