4 friends –  4 different lives, 4 different faces, 4 different beauties. 
Kirstin (she became my client and also a friend since we photographed her wedding) came to have a “Discover Sensual YOU” Experience with her 3 friends – Kelly, Erin and TeeRae. 
Kirstin Before
Kelly Before
TeeRae before
Erin before


I have met Kelly before at Kirstin’s wedding and was really happy to see her, glowing happily, expecting a child. I have asked her if she was sure to have a DSYOU photo shoot as opposed to a portrait, pregnancy shoot, but she categorically said – “No, I wan to do this, I want the whole deal, I want to feel and look sexy and show the world that pregnant woman can be stunningly sexy!” And, oh boy, didn’t we do it? Kelly – you were such a sunshine, glowing and your light was touching everyone around you. Pregnant IS a New Sexy J
 With Kelly – a decision of what to wear and how to photograph her came easy. We decided what was the way to go almost straight away. 
 She was the first girl that went into doing make-up and hair while we continued chatting with other 3 and discussing their desires, insecurities, agendas and hopes. 
Kirstin, my dear beautiful Kirstin, with the heart of Gold and arms stretched out to hug the whole world and especially her loved ones wanted to try something different as she already had beautiful, romantic photos of her that we done at the wedding. So, our agenda was – “Drama” and Gothic, a bit of theatre, but always, always – sexy and strong! Knowing Kirstin and having different chats with her in the past helped me starting seeing images of her almost immediately, especially “Theatrical”, “Drama” ones. As Kirstin decided to upgrade to the full experience while we were chatting – her 3rd look took a bit of time deciding and, at last, we settled on water images for the soft and sexy side of her. Wait till you see those…
TeeRae, she opened her heart to me straight away. She has a beautiful talent to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. It is a gift, dear TeeRae J
 This gorgeous girl, strong, with a very beautiful, athletic body decided that the way she wants to see herself is a feminine, soft and classy. I was amazed at the way TeeRae was reacting first when I told her that she has a classic beauty, that her body is strong, yes, but that IS beautiful! She IS the epitome  of health and beauty, she is quietly confident and strong and that is very, very attractive. I hope, seeing her beautiful images (I was making sure I was showing girls images in camera as the last thing I wanted to have is for them to think – it is all Photoshop J ) made her feel much more confident that she is Beautiful, Gorgeous actually. Hope we could also help TeeRae with a few tips of colours and styles for her wedding 😉


Erin, Erin, Erin… A very quiet girl, who was listening to all of us talking, laughing, not saying a word… Oh Erin, the first thing I wanted is to hug you, to protect you from the whole world. (Bloody Hell – I am becoming clingy and motherly.  Is it already time for having grandchildren? I surely hope not L  My oldest son, if you read this – Forget it!)  
It took us a few hours before Erin quietly said – “I want to be girly, I want to be feminine”. ??????????????????????????????
Oh Lord, how I wish to get at those people in our lives who plant those terrible doubts in our heads; who enjoy putting us down; who, like real parasites, thrive on making you feel low, ugly, inadequate, miserable! I had people like that in my life and it took years to try getting over my doubts that I am worth it, that I am beautiful, that I am talented, that I am wanted. Erin, you might  be surprised to hear that I am still struggling with a lot of it. 
The sheer beauty of this girl is staggering. Her eyes – amazing eyes, blue lakes that take you in another world…. and yet, she wasn’t believing me, saying it. Not even sure she was believing when I showed her the images in the camera. I don’t even know if she believes me now, seeing all the beautiful comments on her teaser that was posted. I don’t know.
Oh Erin… You are so, so beautiful. You could get the modelling position in Europe straight away if you wanted it. Not that being a model makes you beautiful. 
4 friends –  4 different lives, 4 different faces, 4 different beauties.

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  1. Linda Kelly Lee on February 4, 2012 at 2:43 am

    I continue to be impressed with your work Kira! Amazing!

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