So this is my third week in this job. I have met with….. one, two, three, four, Eight woman. Ranging in ages, sizes, backgrounds. I hear from every single one of them, eeuuw I’m ugly, no I’m fat, look at my cellulite, I have stretch marks, I hate my ears, my nose is too big and so on & soooooooo ON!  I’m sitting here thinking, ARE THEY HIGH? I have deep seeded self esteem issues. But being here for only three weeks I’m already learning to shut up and just say thank you when someone gives me a compliment. It’s faster and easier than the uncomfortable response I would have given in the past. I’m SammyO, The new Marketing person here at APBK {mind you I have no education in marketing so if you want to help me keep my job and share some tips I can be reached at; J}
These women are absolutely breath taking. I kid you not. Yet they still have the same hang up’s that myself, a size 16 has. One breath takingly beautiful client came in here last week. I would kill that Bieber kid if I could look like her! She was self conscious of her body after giving birth to a beautiful baby. Mind you I could not see one single flaw with this lady at all.
So to help me realise WTH is going on here, I dug a bit deeper. I found that women love to compare themselves. We always want what we don’t have. I want to be thin, while she wants my breasts {she’s nuts I tell ya!} I want long hair while she is dying to just chop her’s off! We are all beautiful. Thin, chubby, tall, short, black, white, purple. The experience with discover Sensual You will help you realise this. There is no mould for beauty. It comes in every shape and colour. That’s what makes it so desired.
I struggle with this too, so I do know it’s easier said than done. But around here if you put yourself down you get a newspaper to the back of the head {kidding, kind of haha} So the small change I have started to do is simple. I want you to do it too! Say nothing but “Thank-you” and smile when someone gives you a compliment.
I have attached this photo because I want you to see, We may think we are different and we are, But we are still normal. We are all beautiful.
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