As a mum of three under 6, I don’t have time for complicated skin care routines. Showering alone is a luxury that I rarely indulge in. So I’m a big fan of Dr LeeWinn’s anti-aging scrub. I use it morning and night, while brushing my teeth, washing my face and washing my hair telling my two year old not to pee in the shower.   
I use a mask twice a week. I use Dr LeeWinn’s anti-aging mask (no I don’t work for this company, they sell their products in coles and thats where I do my food shopping online at midnight in my PJ’s) I apply my mask when I walk in the door on a Monday and Thursday after work, then I leave it to dry while I cook dinner, wash it off in the laundry while I put the wet laundry from this morning out of the washer and into the (most likely full of dry clothes) dryer.
Drinking pure water is one of the best ways you can improve your general health without much effort. Why? Because our body is over 85% water. Drinking tap water, which is often filled with chemicals, will over time adversely affect your entire system. Right around the world people are purifying their tap water or choosing to drink fresh spring water, and they are loving the amazing benefits.


Another thing I do for my skin is Silica. Silica is AMAZING! I take Blackmores silica & Blackmores Hair Skin & Nails morning and night. While I’m in the kitchen being a maid to my babies.
Skin care doesn’t need to take up too much time. If I can find time in my day for skin care I’m sure you can too.
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