The Discover Sensual You difference

Part personal growth, part makeover, part glamour portrait; Discover Sensual You is all this and more

A voyage of personal discovery where you can safely explore your true personality; bring out the playful person inside. Perhaps you have lost faith in yourself, perhaps life has been cruel to you and you are not feeling that vibe you used to have. Perhaps your confidence has taken a beating.
Kira has a unique ability to see beyond the superficial to the real person inside. Via a gentle process involving fun, laughter and discussion; ideas are played with and concepts created that are totally YOU.
This is not about being sexy, although most people are. It is about tasteful images, as daring as you want; but always about bringing out a side of yourself you always knew was there, but believed was gone, and boosting your confidence.

It is about the senses – re-discover that sensual side of yourself. 

Our clients have access to our exclusive glamour sets and amazing wardrobe - props, costumes, wigs, shoes, jewellery and lingerie.  

See samples of our beautiful ladies in their amazing transformations towards Confidence, Beauty, and must I add - CONFIDENCE! See our beautiful ladies Before and After

Kira says:

"Boudoir Portrait Creation is one of the most powerful ways to bring confidence back to a person. It is unbelievably rewarding to see negative thought process about their body image changing during the whole process: from the pre-consult where hope starts, through the shoot where we help their story to unfold and, finally, to the reveal of their Portraits. 
Every time I see how the client transforms in front of my camera. We are telling a client’s story by creating mood, emotions, connection, using correct posing and different sets of background. But the most important elements for me in creating a beautiful, believable story-telling boudoir portraits are Light and right Expression. 
What is boudoir photography nowadays?
Confusion abounds as that can be the most misunderstood labels in portrait photography.  I believe that boudoir photography is more a service, than a genre. It is not simply photographing people in lingerie or nude and posing them in sensual positions.
It is a creation of intimate portraits, involving many things: psychology, counselling, marketing, photography and lighting skills, serious posing skills, acting and directing skills, customer service, retouching, and most of all – a strong desire to let people’s dreams come true, to make it happen for them; to make them realise they can do things they never thought they could.
Boudoir photography comes to people’s mind for many and varied reasons. Majority of my clients have never been in front of a camera, let alone try something so exciting and a bit daring that they’ve never done before.
I believe the boudoir photography experience should start with a consultation (often one on the phone and one in my studio) where we discuss what brings this particular person to me; what are their dreams, desires, their pains and disappointments, what styles they love and what do they want to express. And yes – we often discuss vanity.
We discuss wardrobe, try things on, we create mood boards of images that inspire.
Before the shoot we do styling, then pamper our clients with hair and makeup session; we offer refreshments and snacks before and during the photo-shoot.
Photo-shoot itself involves variety of set-ups and lighting scenarios and my clients are coached into different poses they never thought they could achieve. I often joke with them how it might hurt afterwords as this is going to be a workout and then some so they might need to book a massage or use a spa after the shoot. :>)
But often – it is more about creating the right mood and extracting believable expressions.
Following the shoot, I work on images, polishing and embellishing them if needs be to create pieces of art that will go on their walls or into albums.Premier session is scheduled to review the images and select favourites that go into printing. Then production starts where selected images are worked on yet again to prepare for particular outcome, then we have another meeting when the final products are collected.
As a boudoir photographer I can commit as many as 30 or more hours to one client.
Everyone wants to feel attractive and confident. However, most have no idea how to go about getting such images of themselves created. Most of my clients feel they are not attractive enough, too overweight, too skinny or too old. But despite all insecurities – there is Hope it might just happen, they will look beautiful and sensual in their portraits as all others they have seen the portraits of, and perhaps show their partner or the whole world.
So my goal is to deliver your dreams. I am your Boudoir Portrait Artist."

✦ Booking your Session

If you decide that Kira is the artist for you - we will book the session for you of your chosen date/time with only the Reservation Fee to hold the time-slot. That Fee will be completely refunded once your Portrait session starts.

Styling and Photography Session

Full styling for one or multiple looks with access to our exclusive glamour sets and amazing wardrobe - props, costumes, wigs, shoes, jewellery and lingerie, use of 2-5 sets; up to 2 hours of photography, morning tea.  Your own Premier Session. For more info click here: Lets Start

Gabrielle Bartlett. Married at first sight season 5 contestant. Testimonial

 glamour photography Sydney     Hello everyone!! thats me in these portraits!!!..can you sense how proud i am?!!
Just wanted to say how amazing my session with the amazing Kira was these and her other photographs show-Kira has an incredible way of seeing beauty in her subject-second to none. It's regardless of the number on the label tucked into our dress or jeans....she sees YOU and brings it out.
The confidence I have felt following my session with Kira has had an amazing ripple effect on my life...being a curvy girl I find it easy to feel down on myself or not 'up to scratch' sometimes...I know women of ALL sizes have times like that too so we are all on the same team...but as someone who considers herself a 'lovely work in progress' it's nice to know I don't always have to feel compromised while I'm on the wherever I'm headed.
Kira thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me I'm perhaps not invisible to the world and

If you have the opportunity to have Kira look at you with a camera in her hand...consider yourself extremely blessed.

Lady L Testimonial

My dearest Kira,

First an apology. I promised to write to you so very long ago after my photo shoot and didn't. Please forgive me, it certainly was not of laziness but procrastination. Almost as bad right? 🙂 I couldn't decide whether to tell you the whole truth or just to write a glowing thank you letter (which is coming further along I swear!)

When I came to you, I said that I wanted to create something special for my husband. That's what I told myself you see, and so it was very
easy to tell you the same. I had looked at your website for weeks and knew that could be achieved with a portrait session. But I wanted so much more!

As much as it was true that I wanted a special gift for my husband, I only really wanted a single print for him. For myself I wanted the whole 'Discover Sensual You' experience. And to believe in myself again.

You see my sweet Kira, I had been diagnosed with anxiety and an eating disorder to boot. With the toll that was taking on my work, my
relationships and certainly on my marriage, I felt...ah, I'm not even sure what I felt. I just remember looking in the mirror and having no idea who that woman was, I'd completely lost a connection to my own identity and couldn't remember the last time I'd felt confident...let alone beautiful. Then I read all the letters and reviews the women had left before me, explaining the empowering effect you and your team had, even before they'd seen the photos!!! I had to have that!

I started saving up and made an enquiry. After meeting you and David I knew I'd be safe 🙂

I didn't tell you but I arrived about 40 minutes early to the shoot and sat in my car and cried, with the most awful panic attack and couldn't even get out of the car to come in! At that stage only the guilt of knowing you and your team had organised the whole morning for me made me come in! 😉

Those wonderful women on your website were right. From the moment I stepped through your door that day I felt so special and so worthwhile...something I realised I'd been missing for a while!
Compliments on my clothes, my accent (which I'm still sure I don't have! 😉 my smile, my skin and MY BODY!!!
What?!? My goodness!! All unprompted and completely sincere. It sounds so cliché but what a soothing balm for my soul. And all before a single photo was taken!

The day came for the reveal and I brought my husband...I knew we wouldn't be able to afford many prints so wanted him to see the pictures with me 😉 and hold my hand...even after that wonderful morning, I was still terrified of what I might see.

I cried the whole way through. You had captured, in every single photo, the woman I remembered. The me I had lost, you brought her out to smile and shine for you :') and I cannot thank you enough.

I let my husband pick the print he liked most (after all it was supposed to be his gift!) hehe. I don't know how often he looks at it and I don't care.
I stare at it. It's me. I can see me in there! You are the most wonderful, amazing woman Kira with an absolute gift to touch lives and heal hearts.
Just like mine 🙂 Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

I am slowly getting better and I know you and your team have helped along the way!

I know you sometimes post your thank you letters with your work and if you think any part of this would be helpful for others please do so! I would like to remain anonymous though please, and not have it linked with my pictures, for privacy reasons 🙂

This letter has been far too long, and far too long in coming! It's late and I've no idea if any of the above makes sense or explains even a portion of what I meant to say, but I'll sign off for now.

God bless you and your precious family,

With love, L.

Kathryn Testimonial

"My “Discover Sensual You” Story: 

before and after glamour photography Kira

'It all started when I one Sunday afternoon after a long day at work, I was sitting at home, and on Facebook I saw that Kira was starting a new product called “Discover Sensual You”, for a few weeks, I stalked around watching pictures appear, of these fabulous women, and it got me thinking that I have never really had the chance to feel sexy, really girly sexy myself. After mulling it over for a while, I decided to book a session for myself, because I wanted to not only feel sexy, but prove to myself that I am beautiful and that maybe I have been bit too hard on judging myself, and maybe just maybe create a turning point to make peace with my body. I know that sounds kind of dramatic, but after years of having a love hate relationship with my body it was time for a change.

I arrived at Kira’s studio without make-up and with butterflies in my tummy. I had a sudden wave of nerves wanted to turn around and go home. But when I entered the studio I was greeted like an old friend and instantly I was comfortable, sharing my day with me was the wonderful David Knight; the mover of furniture, lens holder, smoke machine operator, chef extraordinaire, pillar of support and of course Kira’s husband, and Tini Cicolini owner of Gloss Girl my wonderful hair and make-up artist. By now I was just dying to see what I would be wearing, I was whisked up stairs and before me lay the collections of outfits that I would be wearing, it was hard for me to imagine myself in the outfits, since I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

While Tina my Make-up and Hair stylist for the day went to prepare for my make over, Kira asked me something that made me want to jump up and down screaming “how do you feel about being in the water” I was so excited I had seen some of Kira’s images taken in water, and words cannot describe how breathtakingly stunning they are.

From here it was over to Tina, for the first part of my transformation, I was having a blast already!, as Tina worked away, giving me wonderful tips along the way, I could hear the sounds of Kira and David setting up the first set, and every now and then Kira would come in and exclaim how gorgeous I was. I was just dying to see what I looked like, but like a true artist Tina insisted that I must not look until she had completed her masterpiece. My hair and make-up was done, and I adored it! I would never have thought I would love the look of intense dark shadow and eyelashes, but man I looked so HOT! I don’t even know if Alex would recognize me like this.

Now it was time for my outfits and photos and here come the butterflies again…

“The Regal Lady”, First came the corset with lace and a stunning heavy gold pattern, it was stunning, then a hoop and tulle, I had a look in the mirror and felt like a ballerina, grabbing the tulle I had a little twirl, I was so happy. Then came the layers of gold and deep blue fabrics to make a gorgeous full skirt when I saw the first finished product I was in awe, I turned and said “I look like Barbie”, I was instantly taken back to my childhood, (dressing my dolls up to go to the supermarket with Ken in a ball gown). Now it was off to the first set, Set up on the landing in front to the open window was the regal chaise lounge.

“Sexy in the Garden” This was my second look of the day a stunning Blue and Gold Corset with cute black bows, shear black tulle skirt, lace top stockings and sexy heels. This was the hardest part of the day, as the sun had come out and it was now hot and bright. The deck was set with an oversized lounge covered with pillows and shear curtains, this is where I was thinking of those scenes in movies that we all imagine ourselves in, my favorite was offering my neck to my vampire, lots of fun as Alex had taken me to see breaking dawn the day before.

With a break for lunch, thanks to David for the yummy salad and putting up with the long list of things that I can’t eat, it’s never easy to feed me 😀

“The Sexy Starlet” Now it was time for what I call the photos for Alex, black lace panties, a black feather robe, black heels, and red, red lips, I felt amazing in this outfit and felt that this is where I let go, and felt proud of my body, lounging on a chair, on the verandah, cheekily hanging on the door frame, but it was when I moved to the bed I court a glimpse of myself in the mirror and WOW! I have never felt so sexy. This amazing creature was staring back at me, with a look of confidence in her eyes, sparkling with joy, I felt so beautiful and sexy.

“The Pool” This was such an amazing experience, floating across the water wrapped in silver tulle with my Image as photographed, only minor retouchinghair streaming behind me, this was the most liberating experience of my day, seeing Kira’s reaction to these shots and been given a quick teaser look at them was quite emotional, and it has left me will a feeling of privilege to have had the opportunity to have Kira capture me in this way.

Kira is an amazing photographer with a true gift to be able to capture people in the way that she does, I was with Kira for an entire day and throughout my day Kira was so supportive, encouraging, and full of energy, which made the whole experience amazing. I will always remember my “Discover Sensual You” shoot as the turning point in my life when I realized that I am beautiful.

Ladies, who are considering a “Discover Sensual You” shoot, should just GO FOR IT! It will help you to find your inner and outer beauty; every woman deserves to feel amazing and to truly appreciate everything about herself and her body.

All my love

Charmaine Testimonial

"Thank you so much Kira- I may have been a little afraid to reveal my body after 4 children but you are so amazingly talented that I don't know what I was worried about! Not to mention that I felt so comfortable around you which really helped:)- you are one amazing lady. Love you xx" - Charmaine