Diamond Fine Art Portraits


Art portraiture began as a tangible symbol of prestige and social status where the only subjects were the wealthy and titled classes.

That was how Great Masters emerged, noticed for their skill in capturing vitality and authenticity of their high-borne, blue-blood subjects. Today highly skilled artists are hard to find. The market is flooded with mediocrity.

With every Kira creation she uses the fundamentals - Art, Design, Composition, Colours, Light, Posing, Styling to capture Your Portrait, Your Legacy in the style that made the Old Masters Great.

Diamond Fine Art Portraits create Timeless Beauty for Kira's clients with their Heirloom Portraits; Exquisite and Unique Art that becomes Centrepiece for their home that never gets old.

Her ability to capture the essence of perfect expression with character depth is a skill possessed by very few artists today.

As you browse her Portraits on this site, you will notice the unmistakable "look" of a "Kira Original" - a distinctive brand of her own.

Each portrait has a flow of paint strokes of classical artists with breathtaking detail and colour depth. Kira's style invokes the grace of classic Old Portrait Masters.

She uses tools available today to create the same breathtaking artistry. Her unique and passionate eye elevates her Portraits to the highest level. That style has won her many International and Australian Awards.

Creating your Diamond Portrait is a very elaborate, involved & expensive process that results in an Opulent & Grand Piece of Art.

Kira starts with the Concept, Idea and Creative Vision, discussing the end result with you. The Image you want to portray to your family, friends and everybody who visits Your Home.

Then she continues with decisions on Styling, Makeup & Set-up.


Then photographs are taken specifically to meet the artistic vision, considering positioning, lighting, tonality, colour depth to achieve a particular look & feel.

In post production specific artistic techniques are used to bring out the painterly nature of the image, which are to be followed by brushstrokes later in the process.

Often Kira hand sketches or paints the same image & combines the result with the photographic original.

The final Image is then sent overseas to a specialised printing company to apply rarely used, old & largely forgotten printing techniques which involve manually stripping the emulsion from the finished print, applying it under heat & pressure to a finest quality Giclee archival canvas which is then directly bonded to a sheet of Masonite in the same way as a real canvas Master's hand painted piece of artwork would be mounted.

That is then manually finished off, involving clear textured emulsion and coloured oils, where an artisan manually applies brushstrokes following the pattern created by Kira in her design, to create a totally unique & bespoke work of art with a true painting feel.

Your Diamond Portrait is presented on the highest quality Giclee canvas available today - with an oil feel coating that requires no glass and resists fading over decades, providing UV protection from the elements.

Finally the finished piece is mounted into top-end hand-selected frame that matches the unique quality of your artwork.