What is boudoir photography nowadays?

Confusion abounds as that can be the most misunderstood labels in portrait photography.  I believe that boudoir photography is more a service, than a genre. It is not simply photographing people in lingerie or nude and posing them in sensual positions.

It is a creation of intimate portraits, involving many things: psychology, counselling, marketing, photography and lighting skills, serious posing skills, acting and directing skills, customer service, retouching, and most of all – a strong desire to let people’s dreams come true, to make it happen for them; to make them realise they can do things they never thought they could.

Boudoir photography comes to people’s mind for many and varied reasons. Majority of my clients have never been in front of a camera, let alone try something so exciting and a bit daring that they’ve never done before.

I believe the boudoir photography experience should start with a consultation (often one on the phone and one in my studio) where we discuss what brings this particular person to me; what are their dreams, desires, their pains and disappointments, what styles they love and what do they want to express. And yes – we often discuss vanity.

We discuss wardrobe, try things on, we create mood boards of images that inspire.

Before the shoot we do styling, then pamper our clients with hair and makeup session; we offer refreshments and snacks before and during the shoot.

Shoot itself involves variety of set-ups and lighting scenarios and my clients are coached into different poses they never thought they could achieve. I often joke with them how it might hurt afterwords as this is going to be a workout and then some so they might need to book a massage or use a spa after the shoot. :>)

But often – it is more about creating the right mood and extracting believable expressions.

Following the shoot, I work on images, polishing and embellishing them if needs be to create pieces of art that will go on their walls or into albums.Premier session is scheduled to review the images and select favourites that go into printing. Then production starts where selected images are worked on yet again to prepare for particular outcome, then we have another meeting when the final products are collected.
As a boudoir photographer I can commit as many as 30 or more hours to one client.

Everyone wants to feel attractive and confident. However, most have no idea how to go about getting such images of themselves created. Most of my clients feel they are not attractive enough, too overweight, too skinny or too old. But despite all insecurities – there is Hope it might just happen, they will look beautiful and sensual in their portraits as all others they have seen the portraits of, and perhaps show their partner or the whole world.

So my goal is to deliver your dreams. I am your boudoir photographer.

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    Love your work.

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