Best Photographer in Sydney

[spacer height=”20px”]This is always an interesting question. What is “Best”, as there are literally thousands of Photographers in Sydney.

Even in your local area, not just Sydney. What should you look for? Well, we suggest you ask yourself two things…

One – Are you looking for an artist, someone with creativity; or are you looking for a camera operator, a technician?

If you are looking for a technician, then you can expect the photographer to be proficient at operating the equipment to generate a good capture. And you will pay accordingly – technician’s rates. You may even find an enthusiastic amateur who can operate the gear. Some of these are great. Sadly many are not. Depending upon if their photography is their sole income or not, and depending upon how much actual time the photographer spends on your images, both before and after your actual photography; and finally depending upon other overheads they may have – then the price will reflect that. It is often essentially an hourly rate.

But if you want an artist, someone who will create something special, then you look for someone completely different. Someone who is an artist first, but simply uses a camera as a tool, much like a painter uses a brush. It is no longer about the equipment; but the creative skill of the photographer. These professionals are craftsmen – they spend inordinate amounts of time perfecting their craft; often spending years practising and creating an individual style of expression. The work they will deliver is clearly not that of a technician. The images will “Wow” you. These specialists exist, and once again you may find an enthusiastic amateur who is an artist and thus may gain access to their abilities at low rates – because for them it is a hobby. But for the professional artist for whom this is their life-blood; they will literally spend weeks working for you. Their overheads are often enormous; and the finished product carries an appropriate price tag to reflect this higher level of expression. The price reflects the result, not the time taken.

So, the first question is – have you found the best technician photographer in Sydney, or have you found the best artistic, professional, dedicated artisan photographer in Sydney? Armed with the above information, it is often fairly easy to tell by looking at their range of work and also their pricing. Plus ask questions – is photography their sole income, or do they have another job or a spouse that supports them financially?

Two – Are you looking for something extra, something out of the ordinary?

If so, then unless you have vast experience in analysing sample works, look for external validation. The best validation is the range and type of awards the photographer has. Now be careful here, as almost every photographer at some stage has won an award – look at the actual award and see if it for an overall body of work or just for a single image. Is it a state, national or international award?

We humbly recommend you look around this site at the works on display. Have a look at Kira’s awards. Google the name of the award.

We think you will agree, her work is unlike anything you may have seen before, and represents true art which you can display on your walls with pride. Of your family, or something a little bit special via Kira’s Boudoir and Glamour ranges.

But all artistic, all tasteful; and probably for a lot less than you may think. If you are curious, contact us to arrange an obligation-free chat in the studio with Kira and see her works first hand. Discuss what you want. You will not be disappointed.