Here we go. Little snippets from a day of a mother and daughter’s lives. Spontaneous,  spur of the moment shoot. I just saw this girl, gold locks everywhere, playing in a dirt, next to ponies. Her mother…. so happy and proud watching her, playing with her. I could not, just could not allow that moment to pass without recording it.  No planning, no preparation, no picking the right location or right clothes for the girl or her mum. On the other hand – is that really crucial? As for me – this is all about emotion, that connects those two, the story behind it, a fleeting moment in their lives that is preserved. You tell me if that is what you see. As I know how I feel about that little story. I wish I had something like that to remind me about my Mum and her playing with me when I was a little,  innocent and happy child.


  1. Anonymous on July 14, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Kira,The amount of joy that your photos have brought not only to myself but my entire family. You are such a talented photographer, but your not just a photographer you have something more- a magic inside of you that shines through in the pictures you take. I love all of the pictures of Bridget and somehow you've captured her innocence and her spirit in every single one!None of them are posed and just watching you working with her seemed to be so natural and without much effort your magic just happened. It's hard to express in words how much i truely appreciate what you have given me. As a mother i'm usually behind the lense, but having these photos will someday show Bridget the simple and happy times we shared during her childhood an it means the world to me.Thank you so very much for everything you have done by capturing these moments that will last a lifetime.Love Jazmyn.

  2. Kira Likhterova on July 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Oh Jazmyn, thank you so much for your words, for allowing me into those precious moments with your daughter. It enriched me; brought so much joy, watching you two. I am very happy if the joy that I felt, that little sadness about precious moments that can be soooo fleeting, the gratitude for what I was able to witness, a simple, but such a special time – if I could portray that feeling – that is all I am asking for. Love between a parent and a child is the greatest thing anyone can be in presence of.. So I thank You..All my love. Kira

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