Oh. WOW! Awesome 2 days of meeting new people, sharing, making new friends and… learning!

 I am so amazed at support I have received after my speech! After all – that was first time I was speaking in front of such big audience.

I have to tell you – I was a bit, no, sorry – a lot nervous about being in front of such a big audience. I have done a few Intimate workshops with 3-5 people and have been a guest speaker a few times in front of 12-15, but never in front of 100+, speaking with microphone. 

I was afraid that my accent is going to be too thick. I also needed to let people know that I needed to see in order to hear 🙂 For example – if I don’t have my glasses on – my hearing drops dramatically. :)You might be thinking: Ha? The answer is simple I need to read lips so I can hear better. So I have asked people to articulate for a blonde. 🙂 I am a genuine blonde after all.

I am very thankful, very honoured to be presenting next to such an amazing, talented photographers as YervantDan O’DaySamm Blake, Mercury Megaloudis  and Hilary Wordhough

 People telling me how much they have learnt… Feedback that we have received with people saying – they want to learn more – that is invaluable!

I scored an impressive 8.5/10 overall from the survey from the Seminar
Here are just a couple of testimonilas I have received

 Hi Kira Likhterova – I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you talked about at the Pro Photo Seminars event last Mon and Tues. You gave a fantastic talk about creating beautiful images and posing in different people and in different situations. It was very informative and I learned alot. Thanks you again- it was great to spend time with you too! Looking forward to seeing you again, Cheers, Danielle Steele

Kira, l just came back from a shoot and l felt soooo inspired all day after spending two amazing days learning from you, and the talented artist! kira, your images blew me away and l loved watching you! your story of how you started out inspired me and l have learnt so much! thank you so much kira! you are brilliant!!! vicky xxxxx

Have a look at a few images from 2 days of Seminar. I will have some more soon 🙂

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