Interesting thing happened when I have posted my self-portraits on facebook and asked opinions of friends and fans if that image was suitable for my profile. The response was overwhelming. I might even consider letting other people photograph me (never before :). My husband will be really pleased to hear that.
Please have a look at the images and comments. Add yours, if you like. I am not afraid anymore 🙂
     Here are the images. Please follow links below to check out what was said of each one…

check what my fans are saying  Kira’s self-portait 
check what my fans are saying  Kira’s self-portrait 2 
My dear fans. I need your opinion. Apparently I had no recent photos of myself ( surprise, surprise :), except for my wedding ones, and I was asked to provide it together with my bio for the Seminar and workshops being organised with me as a speaker.
Well – that is what I saw in the mirror. Honestly – I tried. 🙂 But am not sure that it sends the right message? Am I looking sad? Or just hmmmm… wise? Hehehe (translation – old..) LOL I am seriously, seriously believe that I am a woman behind the camera, not in front. Need your opinions, please. Should it be sort of more cheerful? 🙂 Help, please

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