Here we go. Little snippets from a day of a mother and daughter’s lives. Spontaneous,  spur of the moment shoot. I just saw this girl, gold locks everywhere, playing in a dirt, next to ponies. Her mother…. so happy and proud watching her, playing with her. I could not, just could not allow that moment to pass without recording it.  No planning, no preparation, no picking the right location or right clothes for the girl or her mum. On the other hand – is that really crucial? As for me – this is all about emotion, that connects those two, the story behind it, a fleeting moment in their lives that is preserved. You tell me if that is what you see. As I know how I feel about that little story. I wish I had something like that to remind me about my Mum and her playing with me when I was a little,  innocent and happy child.

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