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Vogue Italia style boudoir photography

Vogue Italia style boudoir photography Vogue Italia boudoir photography. Sense of fashion, style, understated elegance. Women whose style is effortless, a feature that strengthens their status and speaks of their uniqueness. Strongly lit, with lots of contrast black and white photography. Natural, elegant, candid poses.

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Vintage portraits

Vintage portraits Vintage portrait photography. I prefer to use the classic, Old-Masters approach to lighting. Style that I adore. Nostalgic, ageless portraits, that evoke feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness. Sentimental yearning for the times gone, the longing… Your portraits will be beautiful and graceful, elegant and posed. 

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Back-lit portrait photography

Back-lit portrait photography One of the commonly known rules in basic photography is to avoid shooting against the sun or into the light. As if you do not know what you are doing – you will likely end up with either completely over exposed photographs or underexpose subjects and ugly shadows. If you are inexperienced…

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