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Glamour photography. Before/afters

Glamour photography. Before/afters I know how much you guys love to see Before/After photos from our glamour photography sessions and boudoir photography sessions. It is in-powering to know that anyone, ANYONE is beautiful. This is what I am trying to achieve in my portrait photography. Or for those who still have doubts about their own…

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Living portrait

Living portrait. YOU. A snippet from your life.  A mixture of frozen and moving moments done during your portrait photography session. Beautiful Courtney. A Living Portrait from her glamour photography session. Video and still portraits. …She May be the face I can’t forget A trace of pleasure or regret May be my treasure or the price…

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Old Masters-like portrait photography

Old Masters-like portrait photography Have you ever dreamt of having your portrait done in the style of Old Masters? Portrait photography has fundamentally changed the way art is created and perceived in the modern day. It is now possible for a photograph to look so painting-like in colour and lighting and charm a viewer the…

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