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Glamour shots with Sally

Glamour shots with Sally. These glamour shots were taken at Sally’s 21st. We didn’t have much time to do elaborate set-up, so basically, we block one corner of the kitchen/family room near the door where the light was good and only using a silver reflector when needed, started shooting. Here are a few images from that…

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Glamour photography in exotic locations

Glamour photography in exotic locations Would you like to be photographed somewhere exotic? Who doesn’t? 🙂 But not all of us have time and finances to travel that far to be photographed. Beautiful, special digital backgrounds and Photoshop templates that I have photographed and preprepared for you  – can take you to the location of…

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Vintage glamour photography

Vintage glamour photography You are as beautiful as your soul shining through. I absolutely adore shooting this style – reminds me of beautiful actresses of 1920’s. I call it “Vintage Glamour”. This is a huge part of my portrait photography – vintage glamour photography or vintage boudoir photography. Wish I would shoot it more often…

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