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Breakfast with the Stars

So, I come to work every morning early to have breakky at work. On my first day David asked me if I wanted cereal, toast or “Green Goop” Not wanting to be a bother I said “what ever Kira is having” you know in your first couple of weeks your all nice and kind ect…..…

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Beauty For the Working Mum

As a mum of three under 6, I don’t have time for complicated skin care routines. Showering alone is a luxury that I rarely indulge in. So I’m a big fan of Dr LeeWinn’s anti-aging scrub. I use it morning and night, while brushing my teeth, washing my face and washing my hair telling my…

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Finding Love For Y. O. U.

So this is my third week in this job. I have met with….. one, two, three, four, Eight woman. Ranging in ages, sizes, backgrounds. I hear from every single one of them, eeuuw I’m ugly, no I’m fat, look at my cellulite, I have stretch marks, I hate my ears, my nose is too big…

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