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A little magic..

There’s a camera in my hand and a scene unfolds before me … I can’t let that moment pass.. I click. The image is beautiful and raw… My mind wanders … I see past what was and feel the emotion that was there. As an artist .. it’s my interpretation of that scene that inspires me.. a little magic…

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Make sure you tell them. You love them. Make sure they know.

I think there must be a million different ways to tell your loved ones that you are there for them, that you remember – that you care. Unfortunately, in our busy life we often find ourselves saying “I must, must call my parents”; “I really should visit grandpa”. Then life gets in the way ……

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Love is:

Bashful  Beautiful. Joyful. Knowing. Butterflies. Snuggly. Intimate. Love is: Michelle and Andrew. Love is: Love. Photos were taken on the grounds of our studio. To see Michelle and Andrew’s full pre-wedding shoot click here. Would you like to see something very special we did with Michelle and Andrew? Its called Fusion Video – it is…

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