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Wedding and portrait photography

Wedding and portrait photography. As you may know – I rarely shoot weddings these days, but when I do – I am reminded again how much love and tenderness I am witnessing. I am wrapped in it. And it is still portrait photography, just with a beautiful, romantic twist ;>) From the last wedding I photographed. Here are just a few highlights. Will post a few more soon.    

My step-daughter’s engagement party and couples photography.

My step-daughter’s engagement party and couples photography. Between David & I we have 4 kids and now it is the time for the first one to be engaged. OMG, OMG, OMG – so ready to be a grandma, but have to be patient LOL. Engagement party came so quick though.  And we had a fabulous day. Full of joy, bonding and laughter. And despite me not being an “official photographer” for that day (I was the VIP 🙂 and was not supposed to take pictures)  – still managed to take a few engagement photos. 😉  Don’t they just look smashing, these two? Oh boy – how am I going resist and behave at their wedding, being just a VIP? 😉  

Glamour, bridal, fantasy and art photo shoot

I am so excited about our new venture with beautiful Cheryl Eagers “Shooting Magic with Kira” We have been asked many times by a lot of you about tutorials on my “Before/Afters”, on how do I shoot ‘Magic”? And then Cheryl contacted me and proposed to create a new venture – “Shooting Magic with Kira”  – tutorials, online workshops and such on how I shoot “Magic” in glamour, boudoir, fantasy, art portraiture & wedding photography, to take you from the beginning to the end for that one particular shot that you have been admiring and wanting to know how I did it. From an idea – to seeing light, from styling and composing through to directing and posing  – to finishing with Photoshop for polishing it. We ordered quite a few designer dresses for those shoots that might become available for rent later for your own shoots and definitely are now available for our own lovely clients to take advantage of  🙂 And now I want to share a sneak peek from an amazing glamour, fantasy & bridal shoot that we held to create tutorials on poses, styling, seeing light and to showcase our new wardrobe. Thank you to our amazing crew on that day – I couldn’t have done it without you. Sophia and Amber, our gorgeous models –  for being so beautiful and supportive, for being such amazing soldiers, patient with me and all my crazy ideas 🙂 Christine from Delectable Me  and Jodi Perrett for creating beautiful makeup and hair work and helping through that maddening day. Elana K Weddings –  for bringing us those beautiful, beautiful decorations that became our props – please check them out Adam Dionisio from Redscope – for recording “Behind the Scenes” of that mad, but truly magical day. All the dresses are now available in our studios 🙂 A head piece for the last image was created by me the night before the shoot. Hope you enjoy these teasers. Love to all.   Call us on 02 96598444 or email us at: kira@artphotobykira.com.au to enquire about your photographic needs