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Vintage portrait photography Sydney, North Shore

Vintage portrait photography Sydney, North Shore Absolutely adore shooting this style. Vintage portrait photography. Nostalgic beautiful portraits, that evoke feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness. Sentimental yearning for the times gone, the longing… They are beautiful and graceful, elegant and posed. Using the classic, Old-Masters approach to lighting.

Natural portrait photography North Shore

Natural portrait photography North Shore Beautiful, natural, modern or vintage portrait photography in our new studio gardens in St Ives, North Shore. You can pick a lovely outfit from our extensive wardrobe. So no need to worry about what to wear. :>) Now is one of the most beautiful times of the year – autumn colour everywhere. Book your session and lets create yours and your loved ones portraits together.    

Vintage portrait

Vintage feel portrait photography Despite the distance that I feel, Nothing in each day could be more real Than your portrait in my mind ingrained…                                                          … unknown One of my most favourite styles and treatments I often apply to portrait photography is a vintage feel.  A modern portrait becomes timeless. It could have been taken 200 years ago or 100 years ago. Here you can see examples of ladies ages 17 to 57, styled in modern or vintage clothes. But in all of them their ageless beauty shines through, making us pause…