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Behind the scenes. Fine art portrait photography

Behind the scenes. Fine art portrait photography Here is a little snippet on how I create my Fine Art Portraits. The “Before” photo is taken by my wonderful makeup artist. Thinking of the concept first, deciding on the styling and lighting. Choosing the lens, the angles and the lighting. And then – posing, posing, posing. The rest of the Magic is happening in Photoshop by composing all other elements, bringing them together, sometimes with other photographs, sometimes with painting or drawing… The result is a beautiful Fantasy that my client wanted to achieve.   

Fantasy fine art portrait photography

Fantasy fine art portraits For my beautiful client and her magnificent horse, we have created this fantasy portrait she was dreaming of for a long time.  Started as an individual portrait photography of my client and her horse – finished as a painting where both portraits were combined into one.    

Beautiful outdoor portrait photography

Beautiful outdoor portrait photography When we recently visited Melbourne in Florida, I was honoured to be invited as a special guest to a Robert Vanelli workshop. It was a lot of fun and we all had a great time. The weather was not great and we had to take a refuge a few times in a very uninspiring shed, but the idea was to show the students that you can create beautiful, well-lit portraits anywhere and basically anytime. It is all about learning to see the light. I was asked to demonstrate a couple of my favourite techniques. Here are a few teasers from that time spent together, creating natural, outdoor portraits. Beautiful outdoor portrait photography – anytime, anywhere.