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Boudoir photography. Photographing curves.

Boudoir photography. Photographing curves. Boudoir photography for curves. When I photograph – I love to emphasise best features of their body. And one of the most beautiful things is the way light touches and wraps around the curves. Love shooting in black and white or vintage sepia style as it allows the viewer to explore the image freely, tell the story, adds more mystique.

Plus size boudoir photography?

There is no such thing as Plus size Boudoir Photography for me. It is a label I hate. Be it: Going to the shop where they look at you and say: “You need another shop where they cater for plus-size. We don’t have anything for you”. Or looking through magazines and seeing a celebrity who looks gorgeous in her size 12-14 and then the words: “Such and such put on so much weight…” or “What happened to such and such – she was never in such a bad shape?” We are all beautiful – slim or curvy, sporty or voluptuous – BEAUTY IS IN EVERYONE. Our kids need beautiful images of us no matter what size or shape we are. Simple portraits or glamour shots. YOUR choice. We need beautiful images of us – no matter what size or shape, no matter what age or marital status. Please do yourself a favour and book your boudoir or glamour photography shoot with YOUR trusted photographer right now. Don’t delay. If you pick me – I will be honoured to show you how beautiful YOU are.