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Mature women portrait photography Sydney, North Shore

Mature women portrait photography Sydney, North Shore Love photographing older women, creating work that celebrates the beauty of older generations.  Portrait photography for mature women has that special spark of full abandonment – they have learnt to let things go; there are no more barriers, they are adventurous and free to express their feelings. They have a particular openness and honesty about them that make their images shine with genuine beauty. These two friends, both 64 years old, came to me to be photographed in our studio in St Ives, North Shore; celebrating their 60 yo friendship, trying glamour photography, fantasy, and vintage – almost any portrait photography style, so long as it is not boring  – that was the brief. :>) Photographing these two left me feeling more optimistic, more youthful, full of hope for my own future as a woman, feeling feminine and beautiful in older age.  Here is one of their testimonials I just received. Thank you so much. All my love. Kira Oh my goodness, where to start? I think everyone should know just what Kira can do. Here’s my story. I’m 64 and I’ve never felt good about how I looked; I’ve got lots of confidence about other things but not my appearance. And I can’t think of any nice photos of myself. Although I’m brave in many ways and up for most adventures, I avoid cameras and having my photo taken. I found Kira’s website about three years ago and looked through her gallery and was amazed at the beautiful photos. Such beautiful women. Every now and then I’d go back and have another look and wish I was younger and better looking. Eventually I decided I wanted just one lovely photo before I die! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I decided to go ahead. Even happier I went to Kira. My beautiful friend of 59 years (and partner in crime) and I went along together and spent the day with Kira, dressing up and laughing and playing fashion models for a day. It’s much more than a glamour shoot. We saw some of the photos straight from the camera on the day and they were amazing. I was very nervous going back a couple of weeks later to look at the whole album. We ended up with the most beautiful photos I can imagine. I see a whole new me in Kira’s photos and I’m SO pleased I put on my big girl pants and went way out of my comfort zone. I’m over the moon with the results. FW.

Portrait photography. Boudoir and glamour photography

Portrait photography. Boudoir and glamour photography Stylish, Artistic, Glamour, Natural or Sensual portrait photography. Vintage inspired, Boudoir, Pin-up, Old Hollywood, Venetian, Renaissance or Classical portraiture. Fantasy and dream, theatrical or natural – find out who you are and who you want to be. Celebrate everything about YOU – your hopes, dreams and fantasies, your insecurities and vanity, your sadness, tears and disappointment. Discover how glamorous and sensual you are; play a role, be a seductress, be a Queen or a dancer, cheeky or stay still in anticipation. Let’s play! You are not sure or you want to try a bit of everything – glamour photography, boudoir photography or classical and natural portraits – we can mix a few styles in one session for you. It is a girl’s day out where you will be pampered, played music to, have a Glamour Make-up and Hair done to fit the image you want to portray, try on amazing clothes, lingerie, costumes, amazing props that we have. If you are recently married – what a gorgeous gift to your husband, if you think – you are married for far too long and your husband only sees you in a dressing gown – what a great way to spark the passion again! :). If you just broke up with your partner – there is nothing better than to show them what they have lost – but even more important – prove to yourself how gorgeous you are! This day will give you a boost of confidence, hopes and playfulness that were always simmering inside you, just being hidden from some people, possibly even you. 🙂 It is a great idea to bring your girlfriends for encouragement, laughter and support and to play together! Let’s play! See you soon in our beautiful portrait photography studio in St Ives, North Shore.

Award-winning portrait photography.

Awards from London. Award-winning portrait photography. Wanted to share with you a few of my award-winning images from London.  All were for portrait photography with some focusing on boudoir photography and glamour photography that I love to shoot. So happy with them. So happy that I have remembered to put some images into competition. (Being so busy – I keep forgetting to do it). It is good for your soul and keeps you in the game, competing with the best out of the best in the world. :>) I would encourage any of you who considers themselves to be a photographer to compete; to lift your game; to check your skills against the best in industry. And… polish them if necessary.       

Art portrait photography. Maternity

Art portrait photography. Maternity We are waiting little one. So much love… So much light… Maternity portrait photography doesn’t have to be boring or cliche. Make sure you record those special, fleeting moments you will treasure forever, no matter what happens in your life.