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High-key boudoir photography around the world.

High-key boudoir photography around the world. These beautiful, high-key boudoir photography portraits can be created for you anywhere in the world. It doesn’t have to be in our studio. Can be in your home or in hotel room. We have photographed these high-key boudoir portraits in Australia, in States, in Mexico, in UK and in Croatia. Where do you live? :>)

Sensual boudoir photography

Sensual boudoir photography I know a lot of photographers are struggling to control the light and make it interesting for their boudoir photography. Sometimes just using what you have can do the trick.  If anything I believe that boudoir photography offers more lighting choices than most other genres as you often can play with light and shadows without worrying about flattering light one would need for portrait photography. Sheer curtains to diffuse slightly and the light through the windows can give you all the effects you need to make a sensual boudoir photograph.  

Art created with camera. Fine art photography

Art created with camera. Fine art photography What is fine art photography for me? It is simply Art created with my camera. Using photographic processes and drawing skills I want to create images that evoke emotion, that fulfil the creative vision, that express my perceptions and emotions and to share them with others. It is so much more than just a realistic render of the subject, much more personal. It is also something created for display, suitable to grace your walls, designed with such techniques that it can outlive the creator and the subject.