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3 Generations portrait photography

3 Generations portrait photography 3 Generations portrait photography. Nothing beats the emotion of this session. The power of love, bond and tenderness between these 3 was undeniable.  All I needed to do was to record what they were feeling. No fancy props, complicated backgrounds.  Made me really emotional to shoot that session. Reminded me how much I miss my Mum and what wouldn’t I give to have my moments with her later in life, when I was already an adult, recorded. I will post more images from this family photography session later, but here is the small collage with some of the highlights from that session.

Family photography Sydney

Beautiful family photography Sydney Your family photography doesn’t have to be boring or cliche. Lets put heart, soul, but also imagination and laughter in your family photos. Lets record your unique story, your moments with the touch of beautiful light. Lets make it happen so every time you come into your house – your beautiful family is smiling at you. I would love to be your family photographer and help you record your beautiful, but oh-so fleeting moments. Come to our Sydney portrait photography studio that has amazing set-ups and backgrounds or we will go to a location. Anything is possible. Give me a call. Love to all. Kira  

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography. Mums often want Magic from their kids portraits. It is something about us, women – never growing up from those magnificent fairytale stories that we were obsessed about when we were kids. And we found the solution in magical, enchanted child photography – huge part of a family photography in our studio! We wanted to be Princesses! We want our kids to be Princes and Princesses! We want our partners to be Kings and treat us as Queens! We want Fairies, we want Magic! And if we can’t get it from our husbands ;<)  – we, for sure, can get it from magical family photography and from enchanted child photography!

Family Photography

There is so much magic in family photography. Magic of love, magic of devotion, magic of wonder and innocence. Sibling connections, beautiful tenderness, unforgettable moments of time playing together, being together. I absolutely love photographing kids and families in a magical way. It’s like dreaming, but in real life. Who said that family photography should be boring? 🙂