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Natural family portrait photography

Natural family portrait photography. Taking advantage of the last autumn leaves – I took this beautiful family outside to have their family photography session. No puffy dresses, no tulle – just simple, casual, plain clothes so we could see their beautiful faces ūüôā I love this side of portrait photography – ¬†recording beautiful, natural moments of just being alive, being together.  

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography

Magic is everywhere. Enchanted child photography. Mums often want Magic from their kids portraits. It¬†is something about us, women – never growing up from those magnificent fairytale stories that we were obsessed about when we were kids. And we found the solution in magical, enchanted child photography – huge part of a family photography in our studio! We wanted to be Princesses! We want our kids to be Princes and Princesses! We want our partners to be Kings and treat us as Queens! We want Fairies, we want Magic! And if we can’t get it from our husbands ;<) ¬†– we, for sure, can get it from magical family photography and from enchanted child photography!

Mother and daughter fantasy photography session

Mother and daughter fantasy photography session Here are a couple of teasers from the beautiful Mother and Daughter fantasy photography session we did recently. Anastasia wanted magical, soft, fantasy and also fairytale photography for her daughter and herself. Whimsical portrait photography is what I love doing. More images to come from that session later, but for now Рhere are a couple of teasers.